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Goals For February

January is about to end, and February is rapidly approaching. Time, it really flies. This month wasn’t as great as I was anticipating, but it’s only the first month of the new year, and I spent most of it working. I’ll get there (I hope). I feel like January always kind of is a letdown. I’m just ready for spring already.

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Reasons To Be Happy (#10)

I woke up today. I have air in my lungs, a roof over my head, and clothes on my body. This morning I had a hot shower with running water. Right now, I’m drinking hot coffee I brewed from my Keurig.

There are many reasons to be happy. We focus a lot on the negative aspects because they bring us down faster than these things that are positive and should bring us up. 

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Things I Would Do If I Were Brave (#9)

As I was in the shower thinking about this topic – I do most of my thinking for these posts in the shower after I wake up – I realized  that most of the things I would do all relate to one another. I have a fear of heights, but more in a free falling sense. Riding roller coasters doesn’t frighten me, I think because I have a sense of security while riding them. However, leaping from high up to the ground scares the hell out of me. If I’m on the second floor of a mall, or somewhere that lets me look down over a railing, I feel a tightness in my chest and it scares me that I could fall down. Which is ridiculous because unless I’m an idiot, the railing is normally pretty secure.

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What Opportunity Are You Waiting For (#6)

There are a few opportunities that I’ve been waiting for. The most recent one is job related.

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Last night, I filled out 7 more applications to the previous bank I applied for. I received emails for the first three jobs I applied for, all saying they hired someone else for the positions. So I figured, now that my reference has finally gone through, why not spam them with my name. If they see it enough, won’t that stick out?

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What Do You Wish There Was More of In The World? (#5)

I wish there was more faith in the world.

So many of us look at it from a pessimistic view these days because of world events. Our leaders are not who we wish they were, or not someone we can admire. Fights, rebellions, the thought of war even approaching – it’s scary, it gives people a bad look at the world. They start to hate, they start to fear. 

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My Morning Routine (#4)

Every morning, on days I work, I wake up between 8am and 9am. It depends on how awake or motivated I’m feeling. Then I’ll hop in the shower. I wash my hair every other day. Today I washed it. 

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After my shower, I towel dry my hair some, and then head downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee. If my mom is up, I’ll use her coffee. If she’s not, I’ll use my Keurig and make a cup that way. I bought my Keurig off the LetGo app for $25. I’m noticing it doesn’t always fill my  cup up though, so I don’t know if that’s an issue Keurig’s have or not. 

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Did You Do More Talking Or Listening Today? (#2)

This is sort of a hard question to answer because I do a bit of both at my job. I talk a lot to customers and coworkers, but I also listen a lot to customers and coworkers. I think it may be safe to say I did more talking today, though. I talked a lot. 

It’s kind of funny to think that, too, because there was a time in my life where I barely talked to people. I was always more of a listener, an observer, rather than a participator. However, being in a job that requires me to actually talk to people, I talk a lot more. When you see the same people everyday, it’s hard not to, as well. 

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