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Hello, December

Guys, we’re in the last month of the year. We made it this far, just one more to go and then we can move past the holidays into the New Year and New Year goals. Where most people spend the first month or two at the gym, then give up and go back to eating how they always do and life gets hectic and we tell ourselves, “let’s try this again next year.” Yeah, let’s hold off on thinking about that for now!

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7 Random Thoughts

Where did my winter socks disappear to? For the life of me, I can’t remember where I misplaced them, I just know I had them in a bag, and there’s a part of me slightly worried they wound up in the donation pile and are forever gone. If so… then I need to purchase more comfy socks, right?

How is Thanksgiving in two weeks? Because the way this always works, Thanksgiving happens, and then suddenly it’s Christmas. I am nowhere near prepared. Help. Online shopping will be my best friend this year.

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I spent the day cleaning. I feel behind on my blogging, things have been a tad busy the last few days – I fell behind on all of your blogs once again! I’m working on slowly catching up.

Tuesday night I went out with a couple of my coworkers to celebrate two of my coworker’s birthdays. I confess, I drank too much. I had a bud light at the one bar, then we went to our bar (half off drinks everyday), and I had 3 Southern Tier Coffee Pumpking’s. Let me tell you, 8.6% even in an 11oz glass catches up with you very fast (it is good though!). Yesterday was one of the worst hangover’s I’ve had in quite awhile. Work was awful. Thank God I got to leave early.

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Hello, November

It’s… November? Already? How? Time has surely been flying right by. Before too long now, holiday music will be playing on the radio and we’ll be seeing Christmas decorations everywhere. Oh… Wait… they’ve already started that haven’t they? Why does Christmas start in October? This is why I love and hate the holidays.

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I. Hate. Snow.

You know what? I’m sick of snow. Completely and utterly sick of it. It’s made my life even more hell the past few months than the other shit I have going on. Signing up for 8 am classes was a good idea, because it means I’m done by noon. However, living with someone who hates driving in the snow, not having my license or a vehicle, and constantly having to rely on other people to pick me up or drop me off is reaching it’s limit. And I’ve had to miss quite a few classes already, which has led me to fall behind already. I have a strong feeling I’m going to have to withdraw from my Math class, I’m going on the 4th day I’ve missed and I have an F because I haven’t been there to turn in assignments. I don’t know what else to do. College is not helpful towards those of us who live too far to walk to class. Right now, it’s a white-out outside my window, but my college is still open. My one professor sent my class a message to announce we will still be having class, but he won’t take attendance and to be safe! I have a feeling I’ll be emailing my Math professor, and I’m going to have to discuss my options with her.

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