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Journal Entry (#52)

October 15, 2018
11:06 AM

I had my last day of work yesterday. How crazy is that? This job I’ve been at for well over 2 years that’s been stressing me out so much? I finally got myself out. C and I are Pittsburgh bound tomorrow, but there is still so much left to pack and get done. Doesn’t help that I’m sick either.

The last month has felt crazy surreal. The fact that I’m really moving is starting to finally sink in. I’ve been working so much it hasn’t felt real yet. But yesterday I started to pack my room, spending my last day at home. Aside from throwing my clothes in bags, it’s pretty much done and ready to go.

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Journal Entry (#22)

February 3, 2018
6:00 PM

So… I’ve been feeling awful lately and I didn’t even write my post for yesterday. And today, I just feel so unmotivated, I decided to rearrange some of my posts and make today a journal entry instead. So tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be feeling better, and I’ll write the two posts I was supposed to write yesterday and today.

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Certain Older Customers

By making this post, I want you to know that I am not talking about just any customer who is older – quite a few are sweet and always nice to me. No, I am talking about a different group, and I have to talk about it. It’s bugging me. I’m talking about the older fellows who come in rags and wearing the same clothes for weeks – but yet always have money to buy that 40 over on the shelf. And I’m talking about older customers who have money to help themselves, yet sit in their piss all day. Literally.

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