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Journal Entry (#9)

December 17, 2017
10:50 AM

Christmas shopping is so expensive. I think this is why I’m mostly stressed around the holidays. I never have enough money to get the good stuff. However, I did luck out a little this week, because I made almost $50 in tips – and I don’t have to be tipped. People are more generous around the holidays I guess. But it always makes me feel so good when someone leaves me a tip.

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7 Random Thoughts

Where did my winter socks disappear to? For the life of me, I can’t remember where I misplaced them, I just know I had them in a bag, and there’s a part of me slightly worried they wound up in the donation pile and are forever gone. If so… then I need to purchase more comfy socks, right?

How is Thanksgiving in two weeks? Because the way this always works, Thanksgiving happens, and then suddenly it’s Christmas. I am nowhere near prepared. Help. Online shopping will be my best friend this year.

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