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7 Random Thoughts

Where did my winter socks disappear to? For the life of me, I can’t remember where I misplaced them, I just know I had them in a bag, and there’s a part of me slightly worried they wound up in the donation pile and are forever gone. If so… then I need to purchase more comfy socks, right?

How is Thanksgiving in two weeks? Because the way this always works, Thanksgiving happens, and then suddenly it’s Christmas. I am nowhere near prepared. Help. Online shopping will be my best friend this year.

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The Fall Tag

Trying to be on top of things, I’m going to keep on at it with doing this tag that I was nominated to do by Hunida.

Thanks for nominating me, be sure to check out her blog! Her and I both have daily writing goals we challenge ourselves with.

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Fall (#15)

It’s finally starting to feel like fall time. The leaves have mostly fallen and changed color, and the weather is a mix of too hot and still cold. 

And everything is adding up. This time of year is always rough. Everything is due at the same time, money is always tight despite trying to save. I love the holidays, it just sucks that it seems things are always happening this time of year. And not in a good way.

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American Horror Story: Will This Season Be a Turnaround?

American Horror Story, the first time I sat down and watched it – I loved it. Murder House was fantastic. Asylum was engaging. Coven was gripping. For me, though, it started to not be as good once Freak Show aired. I sat down and watched it, but I found it boring, and there was too much going on to really follow. Hotel was a little better, but it still was slow, and not that interesting to me. Roanoke was just kind of all over the place. I didn’t care for the reporter setup that much, and the story line could’ve been so much better.

So for me, AHS hasn’t been the same for quite a few years now. The new season, Cult, is to air on September 5 of this year. And the teasers look interesting, and provoking. However, AHS has always been great about making the teasers more scary than the show. So I’m not sure what to expect right now.

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Let’s Talk: Game of Thrones

Okay, I just watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones (S07 E04), and… that ending! Game of Thrones is notorious for these kind of endings, but having to wait a week to see what happens next? That sucks.


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