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Journal Entry (#55)


November 26, 2018

I’m a dreamer. I’ve always been. Maybe it’s why I’m so passionate about change but so afraid to embrace it. Uprooting my life has been hard. It’s a change I worked for, busted my ass for – and I know it’s going to work out and things will be okay! – but by God, it’s fucking killing me.

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Journal Entry (#35)

March 25, 2018
9:25 AM

Well guys, I got dumped. Thursday after I left work, Ray had sent me a text asking if he could call, there were a few things he wanted to talk to me about. And I knew then. Because I’ve been wanting to talk, too. So he calls me. And he basically said that we were moving at a really slow pace, and he wasn’t attached to me the way he had been hoping to by now. And that his schedule wasn’t going to be improving much once his rotations started, that he might be free some weekends, but basically, it wasn’t going to improve. And I mean, I had been worried about these things for quite awhile.

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One Favorite TV Show

Like most people, there are a number of TV shows I love. Quite a few are my favorites (have I mentioned Game of Thrones enough yet?). However, if I had to narrow it down to just one TV show that has left an impact on me or just stayed with me over the years – then I have to say Firefly.

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Certain Older Customers

By making this post, I want you to know that I am not talking about just any customer who is older – quite a few are sweet and always nice to me. No, I am talking about a different group, and I have to talk about it. It’s bugging me. I’m talking about the older fellows who come in rags and wearing the same clothes for weeks – but yet always have money to buy that 40 over on the shelf. And I’m talking about older customers who have money to help themselves, yet sit in their piss all day. Literally.

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