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Keep Moving Forward

How is it,

That we’re already almost halfway through the year?

I swear, we were just celebrating New Year’s, and New Year’s goals.

Why is it that a few months can change the aspect of your life and future?

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I spent the day cleaning. I feel behind on my blogging, things have been a tad busy the last few days – I fell behind on all of your blogs once again! I’m working on slowly catching up.

Tuesday night I went out with a couple of my coworkers to celebrate two of my coworker’s birthdays. I confess, I drank too much. I had a bud light at the one bar, then we went to our bar (half off drinks everyday), and I had 3 Southern Tier Coffee Pumpking’s. Let me tell you, 8.6% even in an 11oz glass catches up with you very fast (it is good though!). Yesterday was one of the worst hangover’s I’ve had in quite awhile. Work was awful. Thank God I got to leave early.

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Learn to Love Yourself

Have you ever started writing a post, and realized that you’ve completely lost what you meant to talk about? I just did that. Wrote everything all out and realized nothing really followed and I had no idea what I was trying to write.

I’m feeling inspirational today, and I wanted to send a message of positive vibes out. I wanted to say that it’s okay to be you, to be different, to be human. Let your flaws shine, you’re beautiful. Sometimes it takes us longer than we mean to understand the meaning of this. We care so much about what other people think of us.

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Birthday Weekend

I’m finally back from my little weekend getaway with Ray. My birthday was Friday so I decided to just get out of town for it and actually be somewhere I want to be for once. I’ll write a better post tomorrow, but it was great.

I might be cheating with this, because I wrote yesterday’s post in advance and I’m not actually going to write a full out post right now. I’m pretty exhausted. But I’ve still managed to post everyday and I’m not about to stop now.

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