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Awesome Blogger Award

Guys, I said there was one more award, and here it is. I’m so lucky and thankful to have been nominated for so many lately, and this time I was nominated by the lovely Hunida for The Awesome Blogger Award. Please be sure to check out her blog (here) if you haven’t already, she and I started blogging around the same time, and I almost feel like she’s my blogger sister as she’s stood by me since.

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The Liebster Award (Again)

I’ve actually already accepted this award once, but since I was nominated, twice, again, I decided to make this post to answer the questions I was given. Because I already accepted it once, I will not be nominating anyone this time around.

Previously accepted (here).

I was nominated by Carolina (here) and Ashley (here). Both are wonderful bloggers, and please do check out there blogs!

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