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My Job Is Getting Tiring

I’m honestly at the place anymore I can’t stand going in to do my job. Between the amount of drama that seems to always be going on (my other coworker, Steve, who was my other cashier, got himself fired), and the fact that I just don’t like this kind of work, I’m ready for a change. I mentioned Steve got himself fired – now I’m looking at 45 hours this week to pick up on those lost hours. Yes, I really want the money and I will work it, but I really hate the idea of spending majority of my week in that store. It’s suffocating.

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Pet Peeves At Work

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A lot of things have been getting on my nerves lately – especially at work. Maybe I’m just at the place where I’m getting sick of my job. Or maybe I’m just over people. One thing or another, but there’s quite a list of pet peeves I have these days. Here are some of them:

1.) Answering the phone
This is part of my job. I’ve accepted this. However, it annoys the fuck out of me. I swear, the phone doesn’t start ringing until I go to do something. And now, we have a “hip” phone where if I’m not up front, I can carry the phone around with me to the back of the store or downstairs or wherever. As if it’s not annoying enough.

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The Workweek

Do you ever feel that all you manage to get done doing is work? I swear it takes forever for the work week to end, and then when you get a day or two off – it’s over so fast. We spend all this time working to have money so we can afford the things we want and need – and then we don’t have the time to actually sit down and enjoy them.

Is this everyone? Or just those of us who never had the money and have to work harder just to get by. I’ve found that the longer I’m at my job, the more I’m ready for a change. I graduated college over a year ago and I’m not even doing anything related to my area of study. Maybe that’s my issue.

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