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November: Highs And Lows

Another month down, one more to go. November wasn’t too bad, but I don’t think I accomplished as much as I had hoped to accomplish. The holidays tend to do that, not to mention my work schedule has been all over the place. But hey, we hired a new girl, and are hiring one more for weekends (because my manager said he hired her so I can spend weekends with Ray – legit only reason for that). I’m feeling a little more optimistic now, 2018 is going to be filled with some changes.

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Goals For December

Once again, we are nearing the end of the month. I say this every month, but man, time sure is flying! It’s been weird for November, we’ve started to get cold weather, but it’s been mild so far. Makes me worried what the weather is going to be like in December, and January is always one of the worst months. I’m hoping it’s not as bad as they are predicting. Time will tell.

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Thoughts On: Body Image

Everyone is born and formed into their own shapes and sizes. The media likes to focus on one set image – an impossible one to achieve. Especially since in reality, most of the models in these magazines don’t even look like that. Airbrush in Photoshop really is a neat tool, but when it’s abused to do something like that – to manipulate how a person looks and to sell it as a real image – it’s wrong.

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Bucket List

I’ve never officially wrote out a bucket list before. So this list, is actually me writing everything out right now. Certain things, like going to college, graduating – I’ve already done and am going to leave it off the list. The rest, I may eventually wind up adding to. But for now, here are some things I for sure want to do before I die:

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Journal Entry (#4)

November 24, 2017
10:23 AM

One holiday down, two more to go! Thanksgiving was a success for me, even if we kept it small and it was just the three of us (me, my mom, and her boyfriend). My mom wanted me to make sure Ray knew he was invited, but he had work from 6am-2:30pm, and he had his own family thing to go to. This is where distance gets a bit rough. But I wasn’t upset or anything, I knew he wasn’t coming, and I got to see him this last weekend.

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Childhood Obsessions

Are you ready for this nostalgia road I’m about to go on? I figured for this post, I’d pick a few things, because otherwise, we could have a long list on our hands. I was born in ’93, so I grew up in the late 90’s, but mostly the early 2000’s. However, I love most things 90’s, so I consider myself to be a 90’s girl. Anyways, I had a number of obsessions growing up – most kids do. Here are a few of the things I remember obsessing over:

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