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Journal Entry (#25)

February 14, 2018
9:21 AM

Happy Valentine’s Day loves. While I’ve been slacking with everything else on this blog, journal entries are the only thing I’ve been consistent with. I’m working on it, I feel like I’ve just been all over the place this month, and I’m really confused about a lot of things. Not getting my period has thrown me out of whack, I think, too.

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Journal Entry (#15)

January 10, 2018
9:08 AM

Day 7 of Day 10, I’m ready for you. I’ll be stoked once it hits the weekend again. I’ve fallen behind on reading blogs, yet again. I was slowly starting to finally catch up, too! I’ll get there. I’ve been wanting to check out all of my new followers, too, and just haven’t had the time to look at your blogs either.

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Journal Entry (#8)

December 13, 2017
10:42 AM

You know what’s funny? I applied to a ton of those jobs at the bank, right? That was well over a month ago, going on two months or so. I received an email a couple days ago from someone over at the bank, about that Marketing Internship I applied to. While they’re not interested in me for that position, they’re interested me for another banking position internship. I should be thrilled, right? But it’s for this summer, and the more I think about it, the more I really don’t want to be here. I don’t want to work in a bank, I wanted to before to get out of my current job, but it’s not really what I want to do.

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Journal Entry (#7)

December 10, 2017
9:19 AM

It’s snowing outside. It’s the first time this season there’s snow on the ground to prove it. Can I just say, I’m so not ready for this shit show that is Winter. I freeze too easily for one, and snow tends to ruin all my plans – every time. You make a plan a couple weeks in advance, and it snows badly the day you plan to go out of town. It makes me nervous, I really want to spend New Year’s with Ray, and right now that’s the plan we’re going towards. I don’t know when he and I can actually see each other until then. He’s finishing up his semester, I’m training new girls at work. Plus, the holidays. My mom wants us to get all this shit done before Christmas, and it just feels like there’s so much to get done.

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Journal Entry (#6)

December 6, 2017
10:10 AM

I think I’m at that stage where I’m about ready for the holidays to be over already. I remember now, why, why I always get drug down this time of year. It’s because we stopped doing things in the holiday spirit, and everything started to feel like it was a job, not something to do for fun.

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