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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone out there celebrating it today. Our small time thing is done and over with for the day, but I’m so tired. I think I’ll be happy when December is over. I hope everyone had a great day regardless of anything!

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The Christmas Tag

I’ve been seeing the Christmas Tag going around this month, and when I saw Hunida do hers (here) I had to jump on the train. I’m slacking this month, I’m sorry guys! Today I was supposed to write about my most memorable Christmas, and my mind was blanking, so instead of doing that post, here are some Christmas related questions for the tag:

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Journal Entry (#10)

December 20, 2017
9:15 AM

It’s been a week, and it’s only Wednesday. Having the last three days off of work has been nice, it makes me not want to go back honestly. But I need money. I’ve spent so much the last few days, it’s awful. It doesn’t help that a couple of the items I’ve bought have been for myself mostly, too.

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Journal Entry (#9)

December 17, 2017
10:50 AM

Christmas shopping is so expensive. I think this is why I’m mostly stressed around the holidays. I never have enough money to get the good stuff. However, I did luck out a little this week, because I made almost $50 in tips – and I don’t have to be tipped. People are more generous around the holidays I guess. But it always makes me feel so good when someone leaves me a tip.

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Favorite Christmas Songs

You know what I love about Christmas music? It’s timeless. We still listen, every year, to the classic hits from back in the 50’s and so on. Like clockwork every year, they come on the radio. Now, if you work in retail, it probably gets to the place you hate Christmas music.

I feel like I listen to the same songs every year, I haven’t really branched off and listened to anything new in a long time, especially at Christmas. I only stumbled across Michael Buble’s versions because of Pandora having an entire holiday radio station dedicated to him the one year.

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Christmas Wishlist

It’s official – my first Christmas post of the year. Also, WordPress notified me this morning – it’s my 6th year anniversary being a registered user on this site. Granted, I haven’t been on here the full 6 years, but it’s still bizarre to think about.

Anyways, back to Christmas; I debated about what to do for this post. But it is a Wishlist, so here are some things I wish I could get this holiday (but very highly to impossible to happening, it’s going to be a meek and humble holiday and that’s okay).

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Happy Halloween!

Today’s post was supposed to be “Halloween Costume,” but I feel I’m sort of repeating myself with that since I posted my costume in a post yesterday (here). So I’ll post it again, but I mostly wanted to use this post to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! I already celebrated it this past weekend, so it already feels like it’s over (even though it’s today).

Via Unsplash

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