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Journal Entry (#50)

August 9, 2018
11:20 AM

PSYCHO:  a deranged or psychopathic person

PSYCHOPATHICsuffering from or constituting a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.

I’m not one to claim I know everything about mental disorders, but I realize that I’ve used the word psycho way too loosely in the past. My first journal entry back a couple weeks ago (here), I mentioned how I got attacked by C’s ex friend. She kept insinuating that things were going on between them. Actually, let me back up and go into that night to give you guys a clear picture of how psychotic she is. Oh, for starters, she’s bipolar, skips her medication, takes drugs and drinks alcohol. Let’s call her Tori.

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Journal Entry (#20)

January 28, 2018
8:24 PM

My time with Ray is always so short! I’m realizing the distance is what’s really killing it right now. I hate the fact that it takes an hour to drive up here, and that’s with no traffic rush. The weekend was a lot of fun, just so short, as always. And, Ray informed me that the next two months are going to be really busy with school. So in February he has a lot of events he has to go to, and in March, because he switched shifts at work, he’s covering a lot of weekend shifts in March. Which sucks, because it’s going to make it even harder to see him.

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