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Things I Miss About College

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year and a half since I graduated college. High school feels like forever ago, and college is slowly getting to that place. I feel like I missed out on certain college experiences (living in a dorm, on my own), but I definitely learned a lot. While I’m happy to never have another class to attend or test to study for (school wise), I do miss a few things.

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The Back-to-School Tag

Thank you Hunida for nominating me for this tag! I graduated college a year and a half ago, so this doesn’t apply to me as much as it used to. However, her questions are applied for high school, so that makes it a tad bit easier to answer.


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Being an Adult is Hard

As a kid, I remember time felt like it passed slow. While the school year may have dragged back then, the summers were also a lot longer – or so they felt at least. It’s funny how once certain life stages are reached, time starts speeding up. Middle school went by slow, but it still passed more quickly then Elementary school. And then once I reached high school – time started flying. Before I knew it, those three years were over and I was graduating. But the worst is how much faster it is now that I’m out of high school (and in college). I even took a year off after high school – and that year went by fast, despite the wasted time.

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Being an adult sucks. Not only is your responsibility greater, but it feels like there’s never enough time for everything. It’s a lot easier for time to pass by quickly, then months later realize you’ve accomplished zilch and you’re still in the same place. I feel that being back in school (high school, middle school, etc.) kind of kept things more grounded. College is more free, you pick and choose your classes (unless, you know, they’ve been picked over and you’re left with a raw deal for that semester), but you don’t always have to have them everyday. The workload is harder (the higher up your year, generally, the more difficult the work), and, plus, most of us work.

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