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Journal Entry (#49)

August 2, 2018
12:33 PM

It’s crazy to believe that it’s already August, which means a year ago, I restarted this blog and brought it back alive. And then a few months ago, I went and stopped blogging again. When you look back over the last year, it’s bizarre the amount of changes that can happen.

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Keep Moving Forward

How is it,

That we’re already almost halfway through the year?

I swear, we were just celebrating New Year’s, and New Year’s goals.

Why is it that a few months can change the aspect of your life and future?

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Analyzing My Relationships

It’s funny, how when you look back on things you realize things you never realized before. Looking back at the 10 months I spent with Ray, I’m noticing things I just didn’t make a big deal out of back then.

When Ray and I started dating, we met off of tinder. We matched, and I want to say I messaged him first. After a couple of days of talking, he had mentioned he wanted to take me out for drinks. When I told him I was about an hour away, he was still down for meeting up, and he drove up to see me a few days later.

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Journal Entry (#39)

April 16, 2018
10:24 AM

I’m so happy I’m off today and tomorrow. This past weekend was hell. For starters, it was gorgeous outside – first few days of the season where it was 70 degrees – so, naturally, everyone was buying beer. Which meant that every time I tried to go do something at work, I couldn’t, because we just had people walking in every minute. And when I can’t get things done, it stresses me out. To top it off, my other cashiers requested this weekend off previously. A1 had her softball games, and D and MJ were doing something, I dunno.

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Journal Entry (#38)

April 12, 2018
11:57 AM

April feels like it’s been so long already. Maybe it’s just because things feel like they’re finally getting real around here, or something. Between my mom’s freak out about me being with C, and work, and everyone basically asking me what I’m planning on doing, I just don’t even know anymore.

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Changing Pace

Alright guys, I missed a post. Again. I don’t have a valid reason for it other than I just didn’t feeling like making the post I had assigned myself. When I wrote the “Reasons I Love Blogging!” post the other day, it reminded me that I shouldn’t feel pressured into writing a post. This is, after all, a challenge for myself, and since it’s my challenge, I’ve decided to mix things up a little.

Via Unsplash

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How I’ve Grown Over The Last Year

A lot can happen in the course of a year. And I’m always so surprised when I look back on things and realize how different they’ve become – yet still remained the same. I can easily say that I’ve changed over the last year. I’m the same, but I’ve grown. I’ve experienced things this past year that have opened my eyes, and shown me what I’m really looking for. And it’s hard – so hard – to make the changes I need, but I know now that I have to.

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A Change I Need To Make (#19)

Where do I even start with this one? There are a few changes I need to make, regarding my self and my life. 

I need to change my scenery. Work is getting tiring, a lot of the same old with new changes I don’t particularly like. Yet, the bank still has never called me back, and until I get my license, opportunities are slim for something better. So, I’m thinking of asking to serve next door a few days a week. I know I would make decent tips, and I already know the menu. It’s mainly just learning the specials. So we will see. It’s something I’m just considering right now.

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