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Journal Entry (#49)

August 2, 2018
12:33 PM

It’s crazy to believe that it’s already August, which means a year ago, I restarted this blog and brought it back alive. And then a few months ago, I went and stopped blogging again. When you look back over the last year, it’s bizarre the amount of changes that can happen.

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Analyzing My Relationships

It’s funny, how when you look back on things you realize things you never realized before. Looking back at the 10 months I spent with Ray, I’m noticing things I just didn’t make a big deal out of back then.

When Ray and I started dating, we met off of tinder. We matched, and I want to say I messaged him first. After a couple of days of talking, he had mentioned he wanted to take me out for drinks. When I told him I was about an hour away, he was still down for meeting up, and he drove up to see me a few days later.

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Journal Entry (#35)

March 25, 2018
9:25 AM

Well guys, I got dumped. Thursday after I left work, Ray had sent me a text asking if he could call, there were a few things he wanted to talk to me about. And I knew then. Because I’ve been wanting to talk, too. So he calls me. And he basically said that we were moving at a really slow pace, and he wasn’t attached to me the way he had been hoping to by now. And that his schedule wasn’t going to be improving much once his rotations started, that he might be free some weekends, but basically, it wasn’t going to improve. And I mean, I had been worried about these things for quite awhile.

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