Everyone Has to Work Sometime

Here’s to another day of being called in to work early! I don’t mind the extra hours. Hell, I need the money so I can start saving up. Which I have been, a little bit at a time. Honestly I’m not completely sure what I’m saving up for these days. I need a car, need to get my license… but yet the real reason why I started saving my money was to save up for a plane ticket to California. There’s someone there I really need to meet, and well, tickets from where I’m at aren’t exactly cheap.

But back to the topic at hand – Work! I’ve been at my job for a little more than a year and a half. I’m at that place where all it takes is me punching in and I’m straight to work. Which, also, at my job is rather non-stop from the moment you walk in. Something always needs to be done, and at a 24/7 convenience store that makes food, we get our fair share of customers even in the summertime.

This is my first job, and I’m rather proud of myself for making it this far and I’m still improving. To me, that’s an accomplishment. Plus every year I’m there I get more benefits and a $0.50 raise, which is incentive itself for staying.

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Orange Is the New Black, Netflix addicting!


This show has to be one of the most talked about shows these days. Especially for a Netflix original! I only recently got Netflix, or rather I’m using my step-brother’s account). One of his conditions for me using his Netflix was that I needed to watch this show, Orange is the New Black, because it’s a “must-watch” and “super good!” So I told him alright, because I kept hearing about it and wanted to see what all the hype was about. And, also, right before I started watching this show I finished up another excellent drama called Prison Break (2005-2009), and it happened to fall in a similar theme.

Let me just say – the only thing I really new about OITNB is that there was a transvestite and lesbian action in it. Now I’m not gay myself, but I don’t have a problem with anyone who is (in fact, my step-brother is gay himself). Actually the fact that there are not that many shows that involve mainly lesbians or gays are rare to begin with. And the only show I know of, other than this one, that was close enough to involving someone who was transgender, was Degrassi.

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In Need of Some Change. Badly

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a post on here, but who knows, maybe I’ll actually keep my promise to myself to actually post more often? I created this blog as a way to not only help with my writing, but to get things off of my chest and out in the open. I’ve felt so drained lately between work and family issues, I don’t even know sometimes.

When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, I’ve been wondering a lot lately about the value of friendship. People who say they’re there for you, or people who say they want to hang out, but when you ask them? Busy. Every time. It really makes you start to question yourself. Did you do something wrong? Or do they, underneath it all, just don’t like you and don’t want to be mean about it? This past year I’ve needed friends more than anything. Everything has come crashing down on me, and sometimes, I really do find a great friend to confide in. But what happens when the bad hits you more often than not and when you’ve reached the point of breaking down? Nobody is around.

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The busy life sucks

I’m coming to the conclusion that, indeed, being busy is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Working part-time and going to college wouldn’t be too bad, but having a ton of my stress coming from my home life makes it hard. I feel like I’m wanting to do too much and I just don’t have the time. I want to do well this semester, but well, it’s halfway through and I’m barely making average. The stress is killing me. To make it worse, I’m working every single Saturday and Sunday, so I don’t get a day off to just unwind. I need a 24 hour break from life, I think it’d do me a world of good!

On to other things, I’ve been dying to get back into writing! Which, in a way, completely sucks due to my busy schedule. I’ve had ideas I’ve been playing around with in my head for stories, but I feel that if I don’t start them soon they’ll just fade away. My spring break begins this weekend, but I’m pretty positive I’m not going to have the time for writing, I have classes I need to be cracking down on if I want to start doing well. It’s going to go by fast, I know it will.

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I. Hate. Snow.

You know what? I’m sick of snow. Completely and utterly sick of it. It’s made my life even more hell the past few months than the other shit I have going on. Signing up for 8 am classes was a good idea, because it means I’m done by noon. However, living with someone who hates driving in the snow, not having my license or a vehicle, and constantly having to rely on other people to pick me up or drop me off is reaching it’s limit. And I’ve had to miss quite a few classes already, which has led me to fall behind already. I have a strong feeling I’m going to have to withdraw from my Math class, I’m going on the 4th day I’ve missed and I have an F because I haven’t been there to turn in assignments. I don’t know what else to do. College is not helpful towards those of us who live too far to walk to class. Right now, it’s a white-out outside my window, but my college is still open. My one professor sent my class a message to announce we will still be having class, but he won’t take attendance and to be safe! I have a feeling I’ll be emailing my Math professor, and I’m going to have to discuss my options with her.

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Hello world!

I’m not new to blogging in the least, I have another blog with two fellow asian drama lovers called The Dramatards. However, since the blog itself is intended mostly for love of Asian drama and music, I’ve decided to make my own personal blog. Just for fun and rants and anything that I feel like posting. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I feel that by blogging my personal thoughts, I can get myself not only back into the habit of blogging, but also have a place to write about whatever I feel like writing about. Not to mention the fact that for more than a year now I’ve drifted away from my Asian drama phase, and shifted back into watching American dramas (which I will continue posting about western related shows on The Dramatards blog).

I feel like this will be a fun journey for me, and a creative and motivational one. My blogs might be random, but they’ll be related to me and things that are going on in my life. And thoughts and outlooks. I’m looking forward to starting something new, and hope my busy life won’t keep me away from this.

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