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One Favorite TV Show

Like most people, there are a number of TV shows I love. Quite a few are my favorites (have I mentioned Game of Thrones enough yet?). However, if I had to narrow it down to just one TV show that has left an impact on me or just stayed with me over the years – then I have to say Firefly.

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Recent Shows I’ve Watched

Hey guys, I wrote this on my other blog, but this is a bit of a recommendation post for some of my recent watches! Check it out (:

The Dramatards

Hey guys! Lately I’ve been on my own drama binge and I’ve finished three seasons of three different shows. This is my post sort of recommending you to check them out. So let me start:

Game of Thrones (Season 7)

I’m a huge GoT fan. Ever since I got hooked on the first season (a year ago), I’ve been obsessed. I binged the first six seasons in less than three weeks. Then had to wait months for season 7 to come out. And… now that season 7 is over, I’m disappointed in the fact that now I have to wait almost two years for the final eighth season to come out. Like… what kind of bull is that?

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Netflix Originals: Gypsy [REVIEW]

Here’s a post I’m sharing from my other blog! I watched this series and wrote a review on it. Have you seen it?

The Dramatards


Drama / Thriller
10 Episodes (1 Season)
~ 51 mins per episode~

“Academy Award-nominee Naomi Watts stars in this Netflix-original psychological thriller as Jean, a therapist in New York with a successful practice and a life that seems picturesque. As Jean starts to develop intimate and illicit relationships with the people in her patients’ lives, the borders of her professional life and personal fantasies become blurred. Jean descends into a world where reality and the forces of her desires are disastrously at odds, which impacts her life and the lives of those around her.” – Google

I picked this show out randomly to watch. Before, I had been watching Supernatural, and while that’s a terrific show, after 5 seasons I was looking for a break. So I was browsing My List and I came across this random show I added. It said psychological thriller, so…

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Staff Picks: August

From my other blog, our current drama obsessions and our thoughts (:

The Dramatards

I’m  surprised that it never occurred to us to do something like this before, but here goes! Each month we will pick a few of our fave titles to share, no genre or theme attached. Some titles may be old, some may be current. What’s certain is they are titles that we love and hope that y’all will enjoy them, too. 

Riverdale 2


Seasons: 1
Premiered: January 26, 2017

~Approx. 42 mins per episode
~Approx. 13 episodes per season

Riverdale, while based on the Archie comics, is a lot darker than the light-hearted series I read in elementary school.  And it had me hooked! Watching this show, I missed a lot of sleep and, not going to lie, heavily considered not going to work so I could finish it! The town Riverdale has many grim secrets that have remained hidden for years, until the murder of the town’s darling blows them…

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American Horror Story: Will This Season Be a Turnaround?

American Horror Story, the first time I sat down and watched it – I loved it. Murder House was fantastic. Asylum was engaging. Coven was gripping. For me, though, it started to not be as good once Freak Show aired. I sat down and watched it, but I found it boring, and there was too much going on to really follow. Hotel was a little better, but it still was slow, and not that interesting to me. Roanoke was just kind of all over the place. I didn’t care for the reporter setup that much, and the story line could’ve been so much better.

So for me, AHS hasn’t been the same for quite a few years now. The new season, Cult, is to air on September 5 of this year. And the teasers look interesting, and provoking. However, AHS has always been great about making the teasers more scary than the show. So I’m not sure what to expect right now.

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Let’s Talk: Game of Thrones

Okay, I just watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones (S07 E04), and… that ending! Game of Thrones is notorious for these kind of endings, but having to wait a week to see what happens next? That sucks.


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Charmed, I’m sure


After I finished watching Orange is the New Black, I was in a bit of a I-have-no-idea-what-to-watch-next kind of funk. So I decided to kick things a little old school and pick up on Charmed once again. A good friend of mine had bought me the first season for Christmas, but after finishing that I took a break from it for a while. In a way I was hoping to actually buy the series, but since it’s available on Netflix, I cheated.

Charmed was one of those shows I remember watching as a kid. Except, back then, I didn’t know that I came into the series when it was more than halfway over. Watching it now I realize that I believe I started watching it around the fifth season (and currently I’m only on Season Four). So it’s actually nice to be surprised and see that I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the original beginning. Being older now I have a deeper appreciation for the show, and it was one of the best shows I remember watching as a kid. It might even be the best witch show to be created, despite the bad special effects in the first few seasons – but that’s always a matter of opinion.

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Orange Is the New Black, Netflix addicting!


This show has to be one of the most talked about shows these days. Especially for a Netflix original! I only recently got Netflix, or rather I’m using my step-brother’s account). One of his conditions for me using his Netflix was that I needed to watch this show, Orange is the New Black, because it’s a “must-watch” and “super good!” So I told him alright, because I kept hearing about it and wanted to see what all the hype was about. And, also, right before I started watching this show I finished up another excellent drama called Prison Break (2005-2009), and it happened to fall in a similar theme.

Let me just say – the only thing I really new about OITNB is that there was a transvestite and lesbian action in it. Now I’m not gay myself, but I don’t have a problem with anyone who is (in fact, my step-brother is gay himself). Actually the fact that there are not that many shows that involve mainly lesbians or gays are rare to begin with. And the only show I know of, other than this one, that was close enough to involving someone who was transgender, was Degrassi.

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