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10 Favorite Movie Soundtrack Instrumentals

I love soundtracks. Absolutely in love with anything that makes me feel more drawn to a movie – and it starts with a good soundtrack. For this post, I’m only going to be using instrumentals. I love a lot of Disney soundtrack instrumentals, too, but I feel that could be it’s own post entirely, so I didn’t include any of those.

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Favorite Christmas Songs

You know what I love about Christmas music? It’s timeless. We still listen, every year, to the classic hits from back in the 50’s and so on. Like clockwork every year, they come on the radio. Now, if you work in retail, it probably gets to the place you hate Christmas music.

I feel like I listen to the same songs every year, I haven’t really branched off and listened to anything new in a long time, especially at Christmas. I only stumbled across Michael Buble’s versions because of Pandora having an entire holiday radio station dedicated to him the one year.

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