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Spring 2018 Bucket List

Spring is right around the corner! Finally. Winter is always the longest season, at least when you  live up north. And even once Spring hits? It can still snow in May. There is little hope here. But we’re going to stay optimistic because warmer days are approaching, which means shorts weather and sunshine and the sun is already staying out later and later. That part makes me so happy! So in preparing for all of this, I thought it’s time to get myself back on track with a goal list, a bucket list, for this upcoming season. That gives me 3 months to get these things done and accomplished. The real question here, is can I actually motivate myself to keep on track? Only time will tell, I guess!

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Fresh Start

I went to urgent care last night. Left work early because I was so sick work was a struggle. C kept poking fun at me because I could barely talk and I kept trying to warm myself up by standing next to the pizza oven. They basically confirmed I had strep throat (honestly the most the lady did was look at my throat, listen to my breathing, and just said I had strep). No strep test was taken, but I pretty much assumed it was that anyways. So now I’m on antibiotics, again, and I took today off work (and since I’m seeing Ray, I’m off the next two days as well).

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Hello, February

Welcome to February, where I am starting it off not only being sick, but being a complete idiot. I had a few comments that were not spam in my spam folder, and I went to delete the one comment that was spam and…. I deleted them all. It makes me sad, I can’t even get them back. I wanted to cry when I realized I did that. If I haven’t replied to your comments, that is why, and I apologize for that. I hate how WordPress marks the wrong comments as spam. My delirious self also doesn’t know what she’s doing apparently.

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Goals For February

January is about to end, and February is rapidly approaching. Time, it really flies. This month wasn’t as great as I was anticipating, but it’s only the first month of the new year, and I spent most of it working. I’ll get there (I hope). I feel like January always kind of is a letdown. I’m just ready for spring already.

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Hello, January! And Hello, 2018!

So, I’m a day behind on things and it’s the start of the new year. Whoops. It seems to be the way of things. I was supposed to go to Ray’s Saturday night after work, and naturally, it snowed. And snowed, and snowed and snowed. All day. With frigid temperatures. So Saturday night was lost, but he still came to get me Sunday afternoon. Which was nice, but we lost a night over it, and when a weekend is already short…. it went by so fast!

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Goals For 2018 + New Year’s Resolution

Alright guys, we’ve finally made it – New Year’s is rapidly approaching! What are you doing for it? I’m not going to make any outrageous goals this year, just a few few to keep me grounded and to remind myself what I’m really going after.

So what are some goals for 2018?

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Goals For January

It’s bizarre to think that not only are we nearing the end of 2017, but we’re nearing the end of my fifth month of blogging. I’ve come a long way, haven’t I? I never thought I’d of made it this far. Time has just been flying by, and now that the holidays are about to end, I think I can finally get myself back in the groove of writing again. I’ve felt so off the last few weeks with rushing around to get ready for Christmas.

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Hello, December

Guys, we’re in the last month of the year. We made it this far, just one more to go and then we can move past the holidays into the New Year and New Year goals. Where most people spend the first month or two at the gym, then give up and go back to eating how they always do and life gets hectic and we tell ourselves, “let’s try this again next year.” Yeah, let’s hold off on thinking about that for now!

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Goals For December

Once again, we are nearing the end of the month. I say this every month, but man, time sure is flying! It’s been weird for November, we’ve started to get cold weather, but it’s been mild so far. Makes me worried what the weather is going to be like in December, and January is always one of the worst months. I’m hoping it’s not as bad as they are predicting. Time will tell.

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Hello, November

It’s… November? Already? How? Time has surely been flying right by. Before too long now, holiday music will be playing on the radio and we’ll be seeing Christmas decorations everywhere. Oh… Wait… they’ve already started that haven’t they? Why does Christmas start in October? This is why I love and hate the holidays.

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