Journal Entry (#53)

November 3, 2018

9:57 AM

Hey guys, long time no see. Things have been so hectic! Let me tell you, I moved, and it was the biggest shit show of a move. Never again. The next time we move, I’m giving myself at least a week before we need to be out. Because this shit was awful.

So my last update I had just quit my job, and we had one day to be out. Well, they let us know they wouldn’t actually be there until 8:30 AM Wednesday morning, so it gave us a little more time.

However, just listen to this story. So remember Psycho Tori who I mentioned before (here)? Well, her mom was going to drive the truck for us. When her mom came over, she brought Tori over with her. And everything was actually normal. Or seemed to be. We weren’t in a position to turn down the help – we had none. Let me reiterate: Tori’s mom was supposed to drive the truck. But she had recent surgery on her arm, and it hurt her to drive for long periods. So Tori said she’d drive the truck for us.

My instinct right then should’ve been to put my foot down and say no. Clif could’ve probably driven the truck just fine with no license in all honesty. But, we weren’t really thinking clearly and like I said, we didn’t have help from anyone. And we had so much to do.

I actually got really sick with a fever the one night, and my cyst kept getting worse. The day we actually had to be out it hurt so bad. It went from certain movements to my entire body being in constant pain. I’ve never hurt so bad before. And I knew I needed to get myself checked, but time was running out and we needed to move.

Long story short, Tori helped us pack and move. She brought over her friend, K, who I thought was actually a chill girl. We had smoked a few times with K and her boyfriend. Tori and K are best friends. While packing, everything had seemed fine and everyone was helping and being friendly. So it was a big surprise (but not really) when we actually got down here, they drove the truck back, and we found out shit was missing.

The day we had to be out, we were scrambling like crazy. To be honest, we were just so exhausted. I was in so much pain. We wound up leaving some of C’s stuff behind. A box of shoes, the microwave and some pots and pans. And other things. There was just no time. Also, let me state that C gave both Tori and K a lot of shit that he wasn’t keeping (a mini fridge the neighbor gave us, baby clothes and toys, etc.). Oh, Tori is definitely pregnant. After this incident, my mom tells me she heard through her friend that Tori’s friends were saying that C is the dad still. Like fuck her. But anyways, we were rushing like crazy. Got everything we needed out of the house and the guys showed up to lock the doors while we were still getting things out.

Once everything was out, we had to get everything in the truck. And majority of it? C left. Told Tori she could take what she wanted. But we just didn’t have time or room, it was such a shit show. And we were tired and hungry.

So we went to McDonald’s for breakfast. C bought their breakfast by the way. And then we were off. Finally.

One thing I look back at now, is Tori, as fake nice as she was being, I could tell both of them didn’t want to do shit. Tori surprisingly helped with a lot. I was in so much pain, it was hard for me to really help rush. But for as much as she helped, the moment we got to our new place, no one wanted to do anything.

C was exhausted. He hadn’t slept and he’d been packing and moving shit all night. He knew I wasn’t feeling well, and he kept telling me he wanted me to go to the hospital. I remember waking up at like 3 or 4 am to find one of his guy friends in the house and as soon as the guy saw me awake, he apologized profusely and told me to just sleep and he felt so bad for me. I guess C had told him not to wake me up. But C did all that work, he was so exhausted. He passed out on the drive up. And when we got there, he told me he needed to rest a little longer, because he just couldn’t find the strength.

We were on a time limit, only had about an hour window, so I let him sleep and got to work on unloading the truck. Tori and K went in the house to use the bathroom. And looking back now, they were in the house for quite a bit. But I was so focused on getting the shit in the garage so it could be off the truck and for C and I to worry about later, that I wasn’t thinking clearly. Like I said a lot already, it hurt without even moving my body at this point, and moving made it more painful.

When Tori and K actually came back outside, they went in the truck and stayed in there. I was the only one unloading shit. I had to get the mattress down by myself from being on top of everything. I even walked up to the truck and was like, “I can’t get this mattress down by myself.” No help. So I managed it and was glad it wasn’t anything heavy, it’s just bulky, and I’m small. But we only had so much time. Had to keep unloading what I was able to do, that way C could handle the big shit.

When I got to that point, I woke C up. Poor guy. It was a struggle. It wasn’t until he woke up that we got help. From K, not Tori. Finally, we got everything off the truck. C wound up going to the gas station with them, gave them gas money and everything, and we thought we were good to go. I stayed to get what I could in the house, and I was so tired, I just didn’t want to go back in the truck. Since there were four of us, C and I sat in the middle, with me on his lap.

C came back, we got the bed and things we needed upstairs. And finally we’re starting to relax. Then our new roommate, M, comes home. She goes to the bathroom and comes in, telling us she’s missing a lot of makeup. About $200 worth. Her favorite eye shadow palette, concealer, highlighter, etc.

We knew it had to be Tori. Tori is white, K is black. The concealer is for a light skinned person. Come on now. M is texting Tori and calling her fucking pissed off – she has every right, like what the fuck did she do, you know? C is also texting, because he helped them out so much, and they stole shit. It’s disrespectful, you don’t do that. And you know what? They fucking deny it! Turned into an all out war.

Later that night I go to order food, and notice that my $90 and $11 lottery ticket winners were missing from inside of my wallet. That was my cushion money. The $11 ticket I had scratched the night before, C had bought everyone $1 tickets. So Tori knew I had it in my wallet. She saw me put it there. And she could’ve gotten into my purse on 3 different occasions: when I was passed out, when I left my purse in the truck while we were loading it, and when I left it in the house after we arrived. C called them and flipped shit.

To top it all off, the very next morning I got my receipt for the UHaul. $190 in upcharges, because the bitch didn’t return the truck until that morning, and she returned it on a 1/4 of a tank (has to be returned on a 1/2 tank), and I got racked with cleaning charges.

Needless to say, it was a disaster. I’m still disputing the charge from the UHaul, and there’s no guarantees I’ll get to keep the money they credited me. Tori fucked me over majorly for this move. There’s even more to get into, but this post is long enough already.

I went to the hospital the day after we got here, I had to. Found out it was a Bartholin Cyst Abscess, and they basically had to pop it and drain it. It hurt so bad, the most painful thing I’ve ever had to go through in my life for sure. But once they did drain it, I felt so much relief. I could actually move after it was over without pain.

I was supposed to go back for a checkup, but haven’t. Money has been so tight, I’m down to scrambling for change right now thanks to that bitch. My cards are maxed out, and jobs are giving me the run around. It hasn’t happened as quickly as I’d hope. C has also been in the same rut. Which sucks.

He’s actually on his way to a job right now, but he got on the wrong bus. This is our luck lately. I actually am learning to hate relying on busses because of that sort of thing. I had an interview the one day and wound up getting there just fine, but missed the bus coming back because my phone died and it wasn’t clear which bus I should’ve taken.

I’ll get more into all that in my next post, but like I said, things have just been crazy. And I’ve been struggling. I’m not used to not having any money at all, or missing payments due to no income. I even filed for unemployment because I’m desperate right now. I’m trying to get into this place M used to work at, and they were supposed to call me, but haven’t. So I have to call them again today.

Hopefully, things work themselves out soon. I’m desperate right now, I need money. Can’t get anywhere until then. And it makes it hard to enjoy this time off without anything to fall back on. I would’ve had an extra $100 but she fucked me over. And I knew better than to trust her, I really did, but I wanted to be the bigger person. Lesson learned. Fuck her. I hope she gets her kids taken off of her. And I don’t wish that on anyone, but she’s the most fucked up person I have ever met.

You know she had the nerve to tell C I was faking my pain? And in the midst of figuring out who did it and getting proof, C found out it was for sure Tori, and she did it out of spite. She doesn’t want us together. So fucked up.

Anyways guys, I hope everything is going well for you all! And thanks for bearing with me and even reading all of this if you did. I’ll keep you guys posted.

11:16 AM

11 thoughts on “Journal Entry (#53)”

  1. That girl is ridiculous! She will get what’s coming for her. I feel so bad for M! I’d be devastated if someone stole my makeup.

    Fingers crossed you & C both find a nice job soon soon soon. ♡ I know you will!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really hope she does! It still makes me so mad when I think about it. And she’s still salty about it, but she at least was able to replace some of what she lost. She was real upset because she lost a limited release tart palette. They don’t sell them anywhere anymore.

      C found a job at least! I may have an interview next week, woke up to an email. Thanks for the positive vibes 💜 hope all is well with you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG. I would have probably cried about that Tarte Palette… no lie lol.

        Yay!! Go C for snagging a job so quickly!! 😀 I’m so happy for you two. You’re going to kill that interview!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. She looked like she was going to lol. She went to Ulta to try to replace it the next day and wound up buying a brand new one 😂 but it was her favorite palette.

        And I’m happy he got a job so fast! Granted, I thought I would’ve landed one first but oh well lol. And I hope! I’m so desperate for a job right now 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I can’t stomach her. C told me last night she apologized to him and I told him unless she wants to pay me $190 she can fuck off. Lol.
        And it’s honestly like our roles have been reversed. But it is nice in a way ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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