Journal Entry (#50)

August 9, 2018
11:20 AM

PSYCHO:  a deranged or psychopathic person

PSYCHOPATHICsuffering from or constituting a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.

I’m not one to claim I know everything about mental disorders, but I realize that I’ve used the word psycho way too loosely in the past. My first journal entry back a couple weeks ago (here), I mentioned how I got attacked by C’s ex friend. She kept insinuating that things were going on between them. Actually, let me back up and go into that night to give you guys a clear picture of how psychotic she is. Oh, for starters, she’s bipolar, skips her medication, takes drugs and drinks alcohol. Let’s call her Tori.

It’s been about a month now, but to start off that night, C had gone to the lake with a couple of our friends, and I wound up getting stuck at home because I didn’t have a ride and I was with my mom (who wouldn’t drive me, [thanks mom]). So when they left the lake, they came and picked me up, and we went back to K’s place to smoke, drink, and play some Mario Kart. It was a good time, and we were having fun.

Then C gets a phone call, and says he has to go back to the crib. Asked me if I wanted to go, and I said, “of course,” not thinking anything wrong of it, because I missed the whole day with him, so I went. It turned out to be Tori picking us up, with a former coworker, P (he was still working at the time). She drove us back to C’s place (since it’s like a 30 minute walk, but a 5 minute drive). Tori kept asking me questions about us in the car, and saying things like, “I didn’t know y’all were a thing.” She talks like she’s from New York (or ghetto), because her mom is. Tori is not.

Let me back up for a hot minute.

Probably a week before, Tori had acted like she didn’t know C was with me. She liked our Facebook relationship status, and made a comment on there asking us if we were swingers. Probably because she knocked at the door the night before while we were having sex. C swears she stood there listening. I’m telling you guys right now, she’s weirdly obsessed with him. She also messaged me saying she had a question. I ignored it.

Fast forward again. So we go back to C’s place, Tori stays in the car, and us three go in. I guess the reason why Tori called C was so he could go and buy her beer, because she lost her I.D.. But, P said she had asked him to buy it, and he was already with her. Already fishy.

We go back out to get in the car, and Tori is long gone. Didn’t say anything, just took off. Both C and P had their phones in the car. She wound up coming back around 5 minutes later, but it was really weird. So we get in the car, and we drive to my place of employment so Tori can get her beer. And she’s asking C to go in because P is fucked up. But C just quit there, like he felt like going in. So P wound up going in. Forgot half the things she asked, so he had to go back in there again. Then a couple of the servers we know came out and C went to talk to them, I stayed in the car. And Tori is just talking to me, asking me things like, “Do you like those Straw-ber-rita’s?” and things like that. I felt weird being in the car with her, like something wasn’t right. Mind you, the child locks in the car were on, too, I couldn’t open my door.

Finally, the guys get back in the car, and we go back to K’s. The entire time she’s bitching because she doesn’t remember where to go (she was just there). We finally get there, and one of the servers, let’s call her Sara, called C because she was going to meet us. And C is giving directions to her, and Tori went, “Oh, now he can give directions.” So C is standing off to the side to talk on the phone, and I’m standing awkwardly off  to the side. I forget at what point her friend joined the situation, but she had a friend there as well as P standing off to the side. She turns to me.

“You can’t trust him, you know.” She says, looking right at me. I don’t say anything.

C heard her talking, so he walks over to me and asks what’s going on. And she’s just mumbling in the background, so I typed it out on my phone, showed him. He shook his head and told me to head towards the house, so I did, him following me. Tori is following behind us, and he goes, “She didn’t okay me bringing extra friends,” and we shut the door on them. Truth is, K wouldn’t have cared, but Tori was being weird as fuck.

Case in point, we got back in, I go to the living room and sit down. Sara had found us and joined in, too. Then, Tori comes in and sits down as I’m talking to C about how uncomfortable I felt around her. She’s talking shit. So C and I start to head out, tell the others that we were heading back to the crib, that if they wanted to play Mario Kart they were more than welcome to come, too. Sara was going to drive us. Tori follows behind us.

“Are you seriously going to leave with him? Girl, you’re so stupid!” I turn around, like what the actual fuck? I’m just like, “Yeah, I am.”

She starts telling me things like she’s been fucking him, and he’s been leading her on for months. Asked me if I knew where he was the night or the night before and so on [yeah, with me]. And kept going on like there was something between the two of them, when there isn’t and hasn’t been.

So C and I walk out. And this girl, guys, she kept fucking following us! Kept going on and on, and I felt so uncomfortable. We walked down to the street and just kept going. And she kept coming close, trying to instigate me. I kept my mouth shut because I didn’t want to fight her – I’m not a fighter by any means. And I knew she was being crazy.

I turned my back for a split second and she grabbed my hair and tried to shove me down. C put his arm up and pushed her back to keep her away from me, told me to keep walking. She wouldn’t fight him.

Eventually, we got back to the crib and everyone was wired up over the incident. K told me if she had known what was going on (apparently she was talking about fighting me), she would’ve beat her ass. K’s friend was like, “C’s been talking about you all day!”

Tori was just trying to instigate a fight with me, to get to C. I’m telling you, she has a weird ass obsession with him. The next day she called him like nothing had happened. No empathy or remorse or guilt.

I’m telling this story, because this past Saturday, she did something again. 

C and I were minding our own business, we were at his apartment just hanging out. We were playing Rocket League on the XBOX. The kids upstairs were bugging the fuck out of him, because we had opened the windows to air the place out (he lives on the ground floor). So he had just shut the windows and locked them to block out the kids asking him a billion questions. Not even 5 minutes later, there’s a knock at the door.

We thought it was the kids, until they started banging harder. C goes to check the peephole. He said he thought it was Tori. I go up and check the peephole, just as she knocked. She went on about saying she’d be back with money or for money (turned out to be the latter). She’s claiming he owed her mom money (flat out bullshit, it’s more likely to be the other way around).

About an half hour or hour later, she pounds at the door again. I knew by the knock because my heart started racing. She makes me feel so uncomfortable, I can detect when she’s near. It’s fucking weird. I’m like hyper aware because I don’t want to be anywhere near her.

She’s banging hard at the door now. Muttering shit. 

Next thing I hear, she’s at the bedroom window, knocking. I immediately knew there was a chance she could break it, and then the glass in the bedroom broke. We ran in there, and she’s fucking staring in. We’re yelling about how we’re calling the cops, I called her a fucking psycho bitch. She ran off.

We called the cops. 

This bitch kicked in the window – her sandal was outside the window. The kids came down to investigate, glass was everywhere. We still have to clean up all the glass in his room.

The cops came and we told the lady cop who met up with us what had happened. C was describing what had happened, that she claimed he owed her and her mom money, and what not.

Here’s the kicker: right when he finished telling the cop everything, and they were about to leave to investigate, this bitch comes back around the corner in the same vehicle. The cop took off after her. They caught Tori.

Apparently, this is the funniest shit ever. For real though. When the cop came back later on (it was about an hour, we saw them pull her over right down the road), the cop said she had cut her leg pretty bad. Tori had been wearing a spare set of sandals, but had left the solo sandal near her in the car. But the funny part? Tori told the cop that she was two months pregnant with C’s baby. Guys, Tori was in rehab two months ago. She’s pregnant (I think), but not with C’s baby.

She texted C later saying she had proof he was. But… you can’t really get proof that early on in the pregnancy. She’s still at the stage you can have abortions.

I’ve never feared for my life before dealing with this girl. She is the true definition of psychotic. And even though she got busted, she has to pay for the damages and it’ll be on her record, I think she’s still going to come back around.

I know this has been a long post, but to finish it up, C and I have been talking about moving to Pittsburgh. His friends offered us a room in their apartment (it’s a nice two story apartment with a basement). It would be $250 a month for each of us to live there. Which is dirt cheap. And his friends have already started looking for jobs for us. So we could be set when we do move. Everything about it is just a win-win.

I still have to discuss it with my mother, who just keeps making snide comments about everything because C hasn’t been working. He got hired at Jimmy John’s, but they haven’t called him back, and he contacted his friend who works there. That’s a whole other long post, but guys, I’m really hoping he and I can make this work. We need a fresh start badly, and this psycho is even more proof of that.

I miss you all, hope you all have been doing well ❤

12:11 PM

6 thoughts on “Journal Entry (#50)”

  1. Oh gosh, she is definitely a psycho but, I’m worried that baby is C’s or she wouldn’t be doing as much as she is. I sure hope not though.

    $250/ea for a place in Pittsburgh sounds amazing, Laken! Please go for it! ♡♡♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really don’t think so, just based off everything I’ve learned about her! She’s just whacked out.

      And I think we are! My mom’s not thrilled about the idea, but I think it’s necessary and a good start until we can find our own place!

      Liked by 1 person

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