Journal Entry (#47)

May 18, 2018
10:06 PM

I feel like I have no time to write these days. I’ve been constantly on the go, or doing something this week. Between work, my mom, and C, the time in between is few and far between.

Okay, I did have some time this week, but I spent it playing Red Dead Redemption on my Xbox 360. I bought the game a week and a half ago and finally found time to play it. And… it’s addicting. I can’t believe I’ve never played it before. It’s a new addiction I don’t have time for.

I spent the night at C’s for the first time Tuesday night. I was off on Wednesday, and no one was more surprised than I when my mother said it was okay. Too bad we were both really tired, and we really just fooled around and played Donkey Kong Country on his Switch. In the morning he made breakfast, and we just lazed around all afternoon. He had also bought Resident Evil 7 (we’re behind the times, guys, like this game came out a year ago), and we finally started playing that before he went to work on Wednesday. We’ve been playing a little bit here and there – he’s making me play it while he watches – and it’s a fun little thing to look forward to.

What really sucks this week, though, is how our vacation kind of got all sorts of screwed. The awesome part is that we’re both off all next week, no ands or ifs about that. However, we had this Saturday and Sunday requested off. We both have to work Saturday (despite the request), and I got asked to work Sunday morning (otherwise my week would have been a lot shittier and I wouldn’t have gotten Wednesday off). It’s just so annoying.

To top it off – can’t get a refund on the plane tickets, because newbie me who has no idea what she’s doing, purchased nonrefundable tickets. That’s only part of it, let me tell you the rest of the story.

My mom had been bitching about C not being able to leave the county without permission from his P.O., right? Well, C finally got that permission. Today. My mom had told me to tell him that she wouldn’t let me leave with him without some kind of written permission from his P.O., either. Mind you, C is almost 30. So the fact that he actually got a written statement from his P.O., who said he would never do this again, says a whole lot about his feelings towards me. But… his P.O. also told him he could’ve gone to Florida. Which means, we could’ve gone on the trip. And that upsets me. Because we lost the money on the tickets, and can’t even go because we’re scheduled for work tomorrow. And it’s too late to get everything together to go on the trip. How fucked is that?

And the cherry on top is that C’s unofficial loafer roommate who’s not an official roommate was going to buy one of the tickets, but the tickets are also nontransferable, which means we can’t give them away or change the name on the tickets. Which is dumb, but I guess that’s how they make their money, right? I’ll know better next time, but it feels like such a waste.

But… we’re still going to do something. And we have a plan to start with Pittsburgh, and we’re going to still try to go to some beach for a couple days. It’s going to be a lot of last minute planning, but I’m focusing on the positives in this situation.

Now I just have to survive tomorrow, and Sunday morning (I have to work 10-2 in the morning), and I’ll be home free. Game plan so far is to get shit together on Sunday – packing, laundry, etc. – and we’re going to leave with his friends’ on Monday morning, and we’re going to crash at their place. It’s going to be a lot of spontaneous planning, but I’m stoked. I can’t remember the last time I had a week off from  work, and the last time I was away from home for a week was 3 years ago when I went home with my best friend to New Jersey for spring break. That should say it all.

I’m sorry I’ve been such a slacker, I’m finding it so hard to keep up with the way things have been going lately. I wake up, get ready for work, go to C’s, go to work, come home, spend it with my mom, or go back to C’s, and sleep. Rinse. Repeat. I’m hoping to have some noteworthy things to document on the trip, though, so here’s to having an actual vacation and getting away from work and these people!

In other notes, I have one more item in my ipsy bag to review before I can finish that post, and I received my first ever Boxycharm a couple days ago. My Boxycharm I will probably wait to review it until after I get back from my trip. But I’m excited to try out the products – they’re all full sized!!

So stay tuned, and hope everyone had a great day! xx

10:28 PM

16 thoughts on “Journal Entry (#47)”

  1. Gosh I was worried those tickets were going to be non-refundable and non-transferrable. I would’ve went all by myself if I were you. I’m glad you guys will be getting the week off together, you deserve a break from that job of yours!

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    1. Sadly 😦 I’ll know better next time, but I didn’t think we’d have to worry about that. And if I had more money and a place to stay I would’ve gone by myself lol! And I’m stoked to be getting away. We don’t fully know what we’re doing yet but we’ll figure it out and do something fun. I’m excited!

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  2. Haha funny he’s making you play resident evil- my boyfriend played it while I watched! It’s a great game. Sorry to hear about your vacation plans, but I hope y’all still have fun (: can’t wait to hear about your Ipsy stuff

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  3. I haven’t played video games since I was a kid, but I kind of miss it. That is nice of him to let you play while he watches. I remember when I was with my ex and he used to play video games and I had to just sit there and watch and it was hella boring. It’s much more fun to actually play. 😛

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    1. Awww you should sometime (: it definitely is more fun to play than to watch, but sometimes it’s nicer to switch back and forth, too. But you definitely should break out a game and relive it ☺️

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    1. Awww thanks love, miss you, too! 💜Things are okay, I’ve just been all over the place and haven’t had much time for blogging (which makes me sad!). I’m going to try to post an update soon, though. Hope things are going okay for you, too, girlie!

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    1. I know, I fell off my groove of writing because I’ve been so busy lately and hardly home! Everything is okay, though, thank you for checking in on me 🙂 hope everything is okay for you! I miss blogging


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