Keep Moving Forward

How is it,

That we’re already almost halfway through the year?

I swear, we were just celebrating New Year’s, and New Year’s goals.

Why is it that a few months can change the aspect of your life and future?

I’m at a loss these days,

Confused about my future goings.

Where am I headed?

Is it still the same?

I don’t know anything anymore.

Except that changes need to happen.

My feelings have been an emotional mess,

I go from 0 to 100 and back again.

No in between.

No sense of just calm,

I’m always on edge.

But most of all,

There are so many things I’m simply unhappy with.

Things I want to make happen,

But somehow feel out of my reach.

Do we have to hit rock bottom,

In order to start over again?

Is that how it works?

Do we have to lose everything,

To take a step in a new direction?

Is it so easy to just look at what you have,

And walk away?

I want to start over,

Get the hell out of this town.

There’s so much more to life,

Why do I feel compelled to stay?

What is in it for me,

But a downward spiral of misery?

I don’t want to be stuck in a dead end job,

Where I can’t move forward.

I want the taste of freedom,

To run far away from here,

Nothing holding me back.

I crave that sense of independence,

To have myself to fall back on always.

How is it,

That things move so slow?

Can I keep moving forward?

Can I get them to happen faster than this?

My sanity is starting to falter,

Get me out of here.

Let go of these worries,

These things holding me back,

And move forward.


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