Splendies – April Package

After receiving my Splendies last month, I was in love with this subscription (read my previous post here).

Splendies is a subscription that sends you surprise undies every month. There are three in every order, and you can pick whether you want just thongs, a mix of both, or just no thongs. They come in small, medium, large, and extra large for $13.99 a month, and they also offer a Volupties mix, for those who range in sizes that are larger. Volupties start at $16.99. They are very good quality, and a mix of cute and sexy.

As with last month, I LOVED what I got. They’re all cute and are made of really nice material. The prices weren’t on any of them this time, but I think most of the underwear they send are valued around $12, so it’s definitely worth it.

I love the lilac color, and these are very cute! My only issue with these is that they seemed a little loose on me (I have lost weight, though), and kept sliding down easy. They’re cheeky, too, and kind of ride up. Aside from that, I really did like them, and the material is so soft. The brand was Love, Libby.

I normally don’t wear thongs, but these were super comfortable! The material is also really soft and lacy, and I thought they were really cute. The brand was Love, Libby.

These were a bikini styled underwear, and see through. Again, the material was soft and comfortable, and I love the color of them. They are from honeydew.

As with last month, I was very satisfied with what I received this month. It’s a cute little surprise to get delivered to you monthly, and it adds a little spice in my underwear drawer. Plus, all the underwear is comfy and soft, and I really think it’s worth it. They give you such a variety, too. Looking forward to next month’s package!

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