Allure – April Beauty Box

This is my second Allure Beauty Box (previous one here). I may get one more beauty box from them before trying something different yet again. It’s not a bad little beauty box for $15 a month, and you get good quality products as well. I just want to try new things. This box also ships later on in the month, too, and you won’t receive it until towards the end of the month. Or maybe this is because I signed up towards the end of the month – I’m not sure.

There were 3 variations of this box this month. The nudestix and the makeup eraser were the only two similarities in each box. If you’re curious as to what was in this box this month, check it out here.

PRICE: $20 (Full-Size)
Enter code JUSTWATER! [] to receive 25 percent off your order (valid April 1, 2018, through June 1, 2018)

MY THOUGHTS: I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure if this thing would really work or not. To me, it’s basically like wiping a washcloth over your face. I’ve only used this a couple times, I usually wash my face first with cleanser to get rid of majority of my makeup before I do anything else. However, I did notice that it did help get rid of traces of my black eyeliner that I’m usually not able to fully get rid of with just washing my face. Apparently, you can also wash this in the laundry, too. This sample is just a small patch of the full sized version, but it’s a good investment if you don’t want to be wasteful with cotton balls or wipes.

PRICE: $95 (Full-Size)

MY THOUGHTS: I haven’t really used this product that much. Mostly because it’s supposed to reduce visible lines and wrinkles, and I don’t really have those right now so I can’t say if this works for that or not. However, I did like the way that this felt on my skin, and it did leave a dewy look. Apparently this product also gives back, which is pretty awesome.

“A portion of the proceeds goes to Zagaya, a nonprofit committed to eradicating malaria.”

My main issue is getting attached to a product that is so expensive, too. $95 is way out of my budget for beauty products, and while the giving back is really cool, it’s just not an everyday product or something that I can really afford to buy once the sample runs out.

PRICE: $20 (Full-Size)

MY THOUGHTSMy everyday go-to cleanser right now is one by Garnier. I’ve been using this foaming clay cleanser lately and I have to say I’m in love with it. Unlike most cleansers, it doesn’t dry my face out. The clay in it helps maintain the moisture. Plus, it smells and feels great on my face. $20 is a tad much for a full size, but at the same time, I spent $13 on my Garnier cleanser and it’s lasted me all year so far with everyday use. My issue with my Garnier cleanser, is that while it works great and it’s made naturally, it dries out my face. I have to apply moisturizer immediately after. This cleanser doesn’t make my face feel so dry. And it’s almost like using a mask.

PRICE: $34

MY THOUGHTSWith summer coming up very fast, and the sun shining more and more lately, the hunt for a good sunscreen is in the works. So when I received this product, I was a little excited to try it out. The sample is small, and unfortunately won’t last too much longer for daily use, but, I like it. It blends in smoothly, and it doesn’t have that strong sunscreen smell – it’s unscented. After applying it, it almost works like a primer, and made my skin feel dewy and healthy, not oily.


PRICE: $24
Enter code Allure10 [] to receive 10 percent off your order (valid April 1, 2018, through June 1, 2018).

MY THOUGHTS: I really like the nude color of this stick. It glides on smooth, and the color is natural. You also don’t have to use very much. It wasn’t something I would say I’d purchase outside of this box, as sticks don’t last very long when they’re designed like this. What I did like was that it doubles as a blush, and just a small line works. It’s a great stick for doing a little bit of a touch-up. So the product does last long, but probably not something I’ll continue using after I use what is left here.

So for my first box, I received 8 products. One of them was a bonus item. This month, I received only 5 products, which was a tad disappointing. While the products were good, I’m kind of on the fence about keeping this beauty box, like stated above. I like the variety you get, but I’m thinking of trying something new. If next month doesn’t wow me, I think I’ll be moving on to another subscription box to try out!

Have you tried this box yet? Does it sound like something you would like? I wanna hear your thoughts! 

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