Journal Entry (#43)

April 26, 2018
9:36 AM

Isn’t it crazy how things can go from 0-100 in 60 seconds? Monday night I had spent all evening and part of the night with C, and things were really great. We just keep moving forward. Then Tuesday night came around, and things got real harsh real fast.

Basically, to sum it up, C got robbed on product by some of his so called close friends. And all of his vacation money? Taken. He was freaking out so bad, and some of these people had been telling him that they were going to hit me up and try to get with me. He told them to go ahead and try, because we aren’t official or exclusive yet, but I already told him I’m not looking elsewhere. But a few of these guys had said they were going to do this, or that they had, and he got under this impression that I was lying to him about it, or hiding it from him. But there was nothing to hide.

He kept calling me – I was at home, just trying to sleep, and he kept calling me. Told me he saw me out walking.

Long story short, he and JP got into this big fight, he punched the shit out of him. Because JP was saying shit like he fucked me and before he had said shit to C about how he shouldn’t buy me a plane ticket for the trip. When I met up with C later on, his hand was busted open from fighting, and kept bleeding everywhere. It was like watching the outcome from a movie.

C and I talked things out in the morning, he does trust me, but in that state he felt cornered because the people closest to him just straight up lied to him. And I stopped taking his calls because I got tired of him accusing me of talking to these guys who’s faces I couldn’t even remember, much less be talking to. He was super paranoid about the whole thing.

But we talked it out, and we’re in a good place that way. But, if he ever doubts me again like that it’s over. I can’t handle that kind of negativity and mistrust. I haven’t held anything back from him, we’ve been nothing but honest with each other.

I’ve been learning more and more about things going on with our coworkers and so called friends, too, and it just makes me want to get the hell out of this town even more. C mentioned 2 of his real good friends are moving to Pittsburgh, and asked him to come with. C needs a fresh start, bad. And so do I. So who knows, this may actually be a good option.

Chances are, we’re no longer going to Alabama. BUT, the tickets for Florida are already bought, and I think we’re going to do our own thing in Florida. He has family down there. The other day I finally told my mom about the trip, and she’s wanting me to go to Florida more than Alabama, too. What C and I need to figure out now is where to stay and how we’re getting back. But, it’s more exciting to just do our own thing I think, anyways. After all, we just wanted to spend time together anyways.

My best friends’ mom passed away last night, too. Shitty things everywhere. I feel so bad. Her mom went into the hospital this past weekend, she had a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest. I don’t know the full details because D’s been so focused on the situation, and she needed to be with her sister and family. But I know that her mom had stopped breathing on her own, and wasn’t doing well. It just breaks my heart, I remember her mom, she was such a sweet lady.

I’m going to wrap up this entry because I’m already running a little behind today. I got my Allure beauty box on Monday, and have tried a few of the products so far! My Splendies still haven’t shown up yet, so hopefully within the next few days.

Have a great day XX

9:54 AM

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