April 2018 Ipsy Bag

Every time my ipsy bag arrives, I get so happy! I love the look of the bag this month, I love butterflies. Plus, the colors are pink and purples, my favorite colors. It’s very spring, too.

One thing I’m adding to my reviews is if it’s cruelty free. I’ve seen a few other bloggers doing this (mainly inspired by Hunida), and since I’ve been working on finding more daily products that are actually cruelty free and more natural, I think it’s a great idea.

The theme this month was “Social Butterfly,” hence, the butterflies. The bag feels almost like leather. I think this may be my favorite bag so far. I love how each month is not only different, but they all have different textures, too.

Coconut Oil + Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

“Smoothes, exfoliates, nourishes & deeply moisturizes.”
All Skin Types

Cruelty-Free: Yes
Full Size: $36 ; Travel Size: $20 ; Sample Size: $10

My thoughts: I used this scrub right after I washed myself and shaved in the shower. Honestly, I’ve never used a body scrub before, so it’s possible I used to much, but I can say one thing: I loved this! It smells just like coffee, and my sensitive skin did not react to this. Also, after my shower, I found that my skin felt really smooth and silky. I’ll be using this until it’s gone. It’s a tad expensive, so sadly I probably won’t be purchasing it after the sample is used.

Nail Polish in Rise & Slay

“Keratin & Calcium Infused Nail Polish
Protects against toxins + pollutants
Restores healthy, beautiful nails”

“Our amazing collection of nail polish has something for everyone. Choose from over 1,000 colors and textures. The innovative fast-drying and long-lasting formula resists chipping, cracking, fading or peeling for up to 10 days.”

Cruelty-Free: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Price: $7.99

My thoughts: I really love the color of this nail polish! And I love the fact that it’s actually designed to make your nails healthy, on top of it being natural and cruelty-free. The application was smooth, and it dried fast. I used a base coat (Sally Hansen) and a gel couture top coat to add an extra shine to it. Sadly, the polish started chipping off by the next day. It may be because of my job, but it’s a bit of a disappointment. Despite that, I’ll be using this quite often and may look into getting more colors by this company.

Meso-Mask Smoothing Radiance Mask

“Smoothing radiance mask.”

Cruelty-Free: No (Couldn’t find anything saying otherwise)
Full Size: $59; Travel Size: $19

My thoughts: This mask is a creamy white, and also did not cause my sensitive skin to react. I left it on for 10 minutes or so before rinsing it off. I can’t say if my skin looked more radiant, but it did give my skin a refreshing feeling, and I will be using this again.

Eyeshadow in Spiced Pumpkin

Cruelty-Free: Yes 
Price: $15

My thoughts: I received a highlighter by the same brand before, and I still use it. So upon receiving this eyeshadow, I was actually stoked to try it out. I’m glad they sent me the darker color, too. There were two options. The eyeshadow goes on smooth, and blends easy, and is pigmented. It also seemed to last throughout the day. Pumpkin Spice is an appropriate name, but it seems more of a fall color because of that. Could work for summer, though, too.

Always On Liquid Lipstick in Miss Conduct

Cruelty-Free: Yes
Full Size:

My thoughts: I’m learning to love liquid lipsticks. This one is a very dark berry color, and not something I would normally pick out for myself. It’s bold. But, it goes on and it stays on. When it came to taking it off I had to wipe hard at it with my makeup wipes. It also takes a couple of layers to achieve the right look. As someone who has little experience in using liquid lipsticks, a lip liner may be helpful. If I had done a close up of my lips they wouldn’t have looked as nice. I prefer neutral colors, so not sure if I’ll really use this, but maybe for a night out.

I have not been disappointed by any bag I’ve received from ipsy, it really is a great little monthly surprise every month for only $10. Getting to try out these products is fun and I wind up finding some I really like. Ipsy gave me better products than Birchbox, I felt, when deciding which one to drop to try something new. I think I’ll be sticking with ipsy for quite a while.

15 thoughts on “April 2018 Ipsy Bag”

  1. I got completely different products in my ipsy bag. I did try this face mask from another box though and I really liked it. Can we just take a moment to admire to gorgeous bag? I swear it’s the nicest design theyve come up with so far!

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  2. Oh my gosh, I so agree about the bag. It was so nice and def one of my favorites to date. That coffee body scrubs sounds heavenly, I had tried a coffee scented scrub from a diff brand before… it’s just such a lovely smell! ♡ Love the color of that nail polish, I’m jealous– I want a nail polish in my bag haha. That eyeshadow is beautiful on you! I love the color but I agree it seems more autumnal! I also love that lipstick on you, it’s bold but not crazy!

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    1. Right? And ohh the scrub was really nice! Just so small lol, I may get a couple uses out of it. And it is a lovely smell! 💜 haha this is twice they’ve sent me nail polish, and it’s always fun! And aww thanks girly! ☺️ I’m not used to wearing bold colors so it’s something I haven’t quite worn out in public yet lol

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