A Work In Progress

I’ve been at such a standstill the last couple of months when it comes to this blog, that I’ve forgotten how to just come up with a blog idea and write it out. Things are starting to look up, after all of this time.

So what exactly happened? Why did I stop blogging so much?


Honestly, the big one is stress. Work has been working me like crazy, and even though I don’t work as often as some of the other people at my job, I’m working more than I’m used to. This tires me out.

February I started to just give up. I knew my relationship was failing, and I was struggling to find a way to make it work – I wanted to so much. I spent more time going out with friends, C mostly, and my feelings were in such odd places.

Living at home stresses me out, especially when I know things have to get done and it feels like when I have a day off, I’m obligated to spend some of it with my mother, who is constantly nagging me to take time off for her. But I can’t afford to do that for one, and two, at the time, we had no other people to cover.

All of this started to accumulate, and I gave up on blogging everyday. I lost my motivation, my strive. And it made me even more sad that I couldn’t keep up with it, or keep up with reading everyone’s blogs.

How do you balance everything when it all seems to be hitting you at once? It’s hard.

But things are starting to look up now, they’re starting to slowly fall into place. And I want to get things back on track, I miss being involved in the blogging world, and reading all of my favorite bloggers, my regulars. I miss you guys! And I know I’ve been saying this for the past month, but things just haven’t slowed down or become less hectic.

Honestly, I started seeing C, and all of my free time I’ve been spending with him. It’s crazy! I go to see him after work, before work. It leaves little time to write up a blog post. But I’m working on prioritizing. And no, I may not get into blogging everyday, but I want to slowly work my way back into that lifestyle. I miss waking up and writing out a blog post. I haven’t even kept up with consistent journal entries lately. If it keeps me writing, I may try every other day.

I really wanted to write this post to say thank you to everyone who’s stuck by me in my sporadic blogging period. You guys make me keep coming back, and it makes me so happy that I’ve connected with you!

April is almost over, and for the rest of the month my goals are simply this: blog more! I have some posts that I will for sure be getting out, such as my ipsy bag review, and the rest? I’ll figure it out. I’m thinking of goals for May, which include more journal entries. I do have that vacation next month, and I’m trying to think of how to blog around that, too. There’s a part of me that’s excited to have something new and adventurous to share with you guys.

I’ve finally hit 500 followers, and I really want to say it again – I’m so thankful! I’m amazed to still have so many followers after I stopped blogging so much. I know that I could be much higher up on the scale if I was still blogging everyday, but, life happens. And this blog wasn’t entirely about gaining followers, it was a creative release, and a way to get my thoughts and feelings out there as well.

I’m coming back, it’s just taking me a little longer than I anticipated. Working on being happy, and finding myself. Your twenties really are the most confusing and exciting times of your life.

8 thoughts on “A Work In Progress”

  1. I miss you! Life always get in the way, which is annoying. I’m so glad to hear things are finally settling down and falling into place, and you’re back to blogging regularly. We’ll still be here regardless. I can’t wait for your upcoming posts, and congrats on 500 followers! ❤

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    1. I miss you, too, girly! It really does get in the way, and it sucks. I’m happy I’m finally starting to feel more inspired and I truly miss blogging so I’m happy to be making a comeback 🙂 I’m just thankful for you guys for sticking around, thanks so much 💜💜

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  2. So glad to hear things are falling into place for you, Laken. ❤ I love seeing you around on the Blogosphere more again!! We totally understand that you went through a little rough patch but we’re always here for you!! Congrats on 500 followers, babe!! 😀

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