Current Obsessions

It’s crazy, if you think about it, how our obsessions are constantly changing as we discover new things to obsess over, new shows to binge, new items to try. Right now, these are a few things I’ve been obsessing over this month:

Subscription Boxes/Plans

You guys should be able to tell this one by now, hopefully! The more subscription boxes I discover, the more I want to get in on them all. Sadly, they all cost money, so it’s a pick and choose right now. But it’s fun discovering new products and it’s like a monthly gift to yourself. Right now, I’m subscribed to ipsy, Allure, and Splendies. Others I really would like to try include Boxycharm and Glossy Box. Plus, those FabFitFun boxes look like so much fun to get each season, and I’ve been debating signing up closer to summer because you get so much in the box, all full sized items, and more than what you pay for.


This is a show I randomly discovered on Netflix. I was trying to find something new and entertaining to watch, and the name is so simple, and considering my love life being all over the place lately, it called to me. Basically, these two completely opposite people meet, and start dating each other. And through the odds, and their differences, they start to fall in love with each other. It’s very entertaining, and fun to watch. Plus, the episodes are about 30 minutes, so it’s easy watching, too.

Retail Therapy

I’ve had money set aside, and yes, I’m still continuing to save. But… I’ve been splurging a little, and buying myself things. Crazy, I know. I spent $30 on the WISH app, received my first item yesterday – so far it’s looking good! I also bought myself some shorts and shirts at Wal-Mart the other day. Plus a new comforter and sheets for my bed, some socks, some underwear. It’s not like it’s nothing I don’t need – I’m going to use all of this stuff, and vacation is next month, so thinking ahead! Right? I just bought myself a K-Cup holder to keep all my K-Cups together for my Keurig. Boxes are piling up, and I want some organization. Sue me. Plus, subscription boxes. Retail therapy is a thing, buying things makes me feel better.

International Delight One Touch Latte (Mocha)

I tried this once at a friends house, but didn’t quite understand how to use it. But every time I buy my coffee creamer (Nature’s Bliss Vanilla), I see this stuff. And I decided to buy it the one day and I LOVE it. It says you can only get 6 uses out of it, but I really don’t use that much at all. Basically, it adds a little layer of mocha flavored foam at the top, and it can also work as a creamer. I still use my creamer, and this, and it makes for a yummy coffee that tastes fancy in the morning.

Chobani Yogurt drinks

In a rush in the morning? Not a fan of breakfast, or lacking time for breakfast? That’s okay, these drinks have all your nutrition benefits, and you can take them on the go with you. Plus, there’s so many flavors and they all taste so good! They’re on the pricier side, but it makes me feel healthy if I have one of these for breakfast over eating nothing, so… progress?

Outshine Yogurt Bars

I love their fruit bars to begin with, but I tried their frozen yogurt and strawberries bar, and it was like tasting heaven. These are great for a quick healthy snack that tastes like it should be so much worse for you. But it’s actually healthier than going for a bowl of ice cream. Or chips. So, yeah, another good investment. I need more though, I ate them all.

Listening To Different Music

I can’t even begin to tell you what I’ve been listening to lately, because I have no idea who any of the artists are. Whenever I was down at Ray’s, he would play this obscure and random music, by artists I’ve never even heard of. He discovered them through Spotify. So, lately, I’ve been listening to a bunch of Indie and Chill music, especially while I’m writing for this blog.

Taking Charge Of My Life

Slowly, I’m taking control of things in my life. I’m working on it, and it’s been a long time coming. I’m standing up for myself and my beliefs, and I know change is coming soon. I finally received my birth certificate and can finally go for my permit. There are things I still have to get out in the open (my mom doesn’t know about my trip yet, but the tickets are booked so she can’t tell me no). But, I’m getting there and I’m slowly making progress. This summer I’m going to spend a few days with my friend down in Pittsburgh, and he’s going to help me look for jobs, and eventually, a place down there. I’m getting out of here guys. Finally. I don’t know where C and I are heading, if it’s going to last or if it’s a temporary thing. I don’t want to leave him behind, but I really do need to get my life started, and the only way is to get out of this town.

What are some of your current obsessions?

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