Allure – March Beauty Box

After my last Birchbox review (here), I decided to switch to something new and different. Birchbox is not a bad subscription service, however, I wanted the chance to try something different and something had to go.

I had been seeing ads for the Allure Beauty Box all over my Facebook, and through subscription feeds. It made me go to their website and check out what it was, what the reviews of it were like. The difference from Birchbox? Everyone gets the same/similar items. There are one or two differences. However, they are really good items, and the box is worth more than the $15 you pay for it. And, you can get your first box for only $10 when you sign up.

If you sign up for Allure in March, you still receive the March box. Which is what happened for me, even though I didn’t receive it until April. I signed up on March 20th, my box was shipped on the 30th, received my box on April 2nd.

Just as described on the website, I received all items as offered, plus one bonus item for subscribing. The box also has a little booklet that goes over all of the items in the box and reviews as well as where you can purchase the items in full size.

PRICE: $42 (full size)

MY THOUGHTS: Oribe is one of those high quality brands that I normally wouldn’t buy because it is expensive. I received a dry texturizer spray by them in one of my Birchbox’s before, and I had mixed feelings about it, mostly because it’s a product I don’t really use. This hairspray, however, not only has a clean smell to it, it doesn’t make my hair feel sticky or dry. It does it’s job of holding, without making my hair look like I just applied a ton of hairspray to it. This will come in handy when I actually curl my hair.

PRICE: $6.99

*You either received this item, or the SIMPLE WATER BOOST HYDRATING GEL CREAM

MY THOUGHTS: For someone with sensitive skin, especially around the eyes, this product was a great choice. I would’ve rather have received the hydrating cream, but I can’t complain about this product either. There’s 30 pads in this small packet, and they really do get the eye product off your eyes. They’re soft, and did not irritate my skin. As someone who uses mostly just eye makeup, this was a win.

PRICE: $19 (full size)

MY THOUGHTSIt hasn’t been very sunny lately, so I haven’t used this product much. However, upon trying it, I found it gives my skin that matte finish and absorbs very quickly. When I go to the beach this summer, this may be a great go to for sunscreen on my face. My only issue is this sample is small, and I feel like I’ll only get a few uses out of it.


PRICE: $22

MY THOUGHTSI really love this lipstick. It’s creamy, and also a neutral color. It makes my lips slightly darker, and just feels great going on. It seems to last for quite a while, too. The sample is small, but I can see it lasting for a number of uses. I may even purchase the full sized version when I run out.

PRICE: $25

MY THOUGHTS: I’ve never heard of this brand before, nor did I know much about it. My knowledge of beauty products is growing, but I’ve never heard of a water sleeping mask before. The sample is quite small, however, all you need is a small amount when applying it to your face. It goes on smooth and I could feel it hydrating my skin as I used it. There’s also hardly any smell to it. In the morning you wash it off, and you’re supposed to use it a few times a week. So far, I’ve noticed my skin feeling more hydrated just by using this product.

PRICE: $43

MY THOUGHTS: I’ve been in the search of a new foundation, but I’ve been spoiled by good products, so I’ve been holding off on getting a new one because I wanted something worth paying for. This sample is small, but again, a little amount goes a long way. I don’t use much foundation to begin with, and I really liked the way this foundation absorbs into my skin. It doesn’t show once you blend it, and it doesn’t make my skin feel dry or oily.

PRICE: $22

MY THOUGHTS: I’m still working on perfecting the winged eye look. It’s a struggle, and I try to follow all of these tips I read online, and sometimes it just turns my eye into a mess, and then I get one eye that looks good, but the other doesn’t match. Maybe one day I’ll get it. This eyeliner goes on smooth, and I liked the way it looked overall. I can’t say it’s a favorite yet, as I’m still working on figuring out the best way to actually use liquid eyeliner, however, I liked this eyeliner better than the other liquid eyeliner by EYEKO I received in one of my birchboxes.

PRICE: $18

*This was a bonus item in my box for subscribing

MY THOUGHTS: I’ve never used a cuticle oil before, so I can’t compare it to any others. However, it has a light smell to it, and after just one use, my nails felt a little tougher. I applied it to my cuticles and the entire nail, and I read on a review that you can even apply it on top of nail polish for a finish, because it does toughen your nails. As someone who is constantly getting hangnails and breaking nails at work, I may have found exactly what I need.

Overall, I was really impressed with this box. You receive 7 products for $15 a month, and they’re all from great brands that are highly reviewed. I received 8 products for signing up, and was able to get $5 off my first box. Definitely worth the subscription, and I’m going to stick with this box at least a few more times and go from there. I may be obsessed with beauty boxes right now.

Have you tried this box yet? Does it sound like something you would like? I wanna hear your thoughts! 

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