Splendies – First Review

For the last couple of month’s, I’ve been seeing this subscription plan show up on my Facebook and Instagram. Maybe it’s because I’ve been looking up different subscription plans, and let’s face it, everything gets tracked with your cookies and all of that, so they know, and they show you things you’re interested in. Splendies is something that I’ve been interested in trying for awhile, and I finally just went for it!

So what is it?

Splendies is a subscription that sends you surprise undies every month. There are three in every order, and you can pick whether you want just thongs, a mix of both, or just no thongs. They come in small, medium, large, and extra large, and they also offer a Volupties mix, for those who range in sizes that are larger. Volupties are a few dollars extra. They are very good quality, and a mix of cute and sexy.

For the regular subscription, you can purchase a monthly one for $13.99 a month, three months for $13.50 a month ($40.50), 6 months for $13.33 a month ($79.98), and 12 months for $13.00 a month ($156). Volupties start at $16.99 s month. They ship from Santa Monica, California.

As soon as I went to the site, though, I had a chance to sign up for a coupon to receive my first month for $10. They took about a week to ship (signing up is easy, just make sure you’re only signing up for what you’re interested in. I went through it three times and realized they were all in the cart, so just make sure you’re looking for that before you check out.)

I signed up for Splendies on March 12. They told me they would ship on the 19th. I received an email on the 19th letting me know they shipped, and gave me a link to track my delivery status. Honestly, half the time I get tracking for orders it feels like they never update the thing (Birchbox and ipsy also offer this, and it takes days to update). I did receive my order last Monday (the 26th), so it took about two weeks overall to receive my subscription. A week to prepare and ship, and a week to arrive.

Now, for the fun part.

I LOVED what I got. I subscribed to the mixed variety pack, even though I don’t really wear thongs – I just don’t have any, so I figured why not? I don’t have that many cute underwear, and I know this subscription is going to brighten up my drawer, and give me a chance to have some actual nice undies, plus they really are great quality! I wear a medium size, ordered a medium, and they fit perfect.

This pair may have been my favorite. I love the blues, and the flowers are cute! They are very soft and stretchy, too, and feel really nice. The brand is honeydew, and it values for around $14.

These ones were also really cute! I wasn’t sure if I’d like the wide band but it actually felt super comfortable when I wore them, and these ones also are slightly stretchy. They’re form fitting, but very soft! There was no price on these ones, but I assume it values for around $14 as well. The brand was Spree.

I mentioned I don’t really wear thongs, but I wanted a few to add to my drawer, because why not? These are really cute! They’re on the sheer side, and feel very soft. I haven’t tried these on yet, though, and can’t give a full review on how they feel when you wear them, but I feel positive about them. They are from honeydew, and also valued at $14.

Overall? Like I said, I LOVED what I got. For $10 on the first month, I can’t complain at all. You get more than what you pay for, and they were all cute! For someone who gets most of their underwear in those 6 pack variety packs at Wal-Mart, I needed a little spice and quality. Plus, it’s exciting to get 3 new pairs on a monthly basis that are different. And like I said, they’re really good quality, too!

I’m keeping this subscription, and I really do recommend trying it out if it sounds like something you would be interested in. I can’t wait to get my next package this month!

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