Happy Easter! And April Fool’s?

Hey all!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Ironically, it’s also my mother’s birthday, since she’s an April Fool’s baby. I woke up to my Timehop Rick Rolling me.

Honestly, I woke up this morning almost thinking I was late to work. I think this is what happens when you work 10 days in a row – you forget what it’s like to have a day off. And even when I have a day off, I don’t remember the last time I slept in. I think it was when I went to Ray’s. Almost a month ago. Something has to give soon, I feel like all I do is work, rinse, repeat. Come home to drama, leave to more drama. It’s what’s making it so hard to get back into the groove of posting daily like I used to. I’m lacking inspiration, and time.

Spring is here, though, and I do have some post ideas that I am still in the middle of working on. I kind of want to reinvent myself through this blog, find some inspiration, get back on the right track.

I hope everyone has a great holiday, however you celebrate it or spend it. And if you don’t, I hope you all have a wonderful day! (:

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