Journal Entry (#34)

March 21, 2018
12:08 PM

I was supposed to work yesterday. Because of the craziness that’s going to happen this weekend, I was put on the schedule for 6 days this week. A1, my main reliable cashier, has a big softball game this weekend (she coaches), and she felt really bad that she’s basically leaving me for the wolves. It’s not fully her fault though. So yesterday, she texted me and told me not to go in until 1pm, and she’d try to get me the rest of the day off.

Too bad the picture doesn’t show the fact that it was still snowing hard.

Well, they said we were going to get a blizzard, so when it kept snowing, I’m assuming they cancelled her softball practice for the day, and she texted me later and told me not to come in. She tries to have my back, I think this was her way of trying to make up a bit for not being around this weekend. I really appreciated it though, I’m not going to complain about not going to work. Especially since I’m off today, too.

What does suck is the fact that we did get all of this snow, and it’s going to kill my plans of trying to get shit done before this weekend. Naturally. First day of spring and we get a fucking blizzard. Welcome to the North East? Or is this just PA?

Last night (and the night before) I went over to C’s to hangout. Considering I’m not going to get much of a chance to do anything else this week, I wasn’t going to just waste those days at home. Monday, we just played Mario Kart. Last night, C had bought an N64 at the pawn shop and I brought over my Mario Party games and we played those. I’m such a natural at Mario Party, that game is my shit for sure. It was fun. We were drinking Vanilla Crown with vanilla coke, and you couldn’t even taste the Crown in the mix.

Today, I’m still kind of figuring out what I’m doing. So much for going for haircuts and getting some stuff to prepare for this weekend. I know my mom wants me to clean the bathroom, which I’ll do later, but aside from that? I dunno what I’m going to do. I need to clean up around my room some, but this weather makes me not want to do shit. It sucks. Snowy days just make me feel so unmotivated. On the plus side, too, I don’t work until 1 tomorrow, and I only work 1 to 5. God, I love short shifts.

On the other plus side, too, I feel I’m starting to slowly bring this blog back to life. I have a few posts already set up, and just working on finishing those. We’ll see if I post everyday this week, it almost feels like too much compared to how little I was posting.

This week I don’t have much goals for, I’ll just be thrilled when this stupid college party weekend is done and over with. The idea of even walking home with everyone out and about at night makes me nervous, I hate it. When you’re just trying to walk home and there are hoards of people in groups of 30 or more, it’s just ridiculous. The cops have cracked down hard on it the last few years, and it really has been milder, but they still try to get it crazy. When the cops are out everywhere on horses and there’s a zero tolerance set in effect, I just would rather be home listening to the police scanner. It’s the only time that thing is interesting.

This was outside my house two years ago.

Speaking of, I did that the one year. When I worked on campus I didn’t have to worry about working on the weekend much less working during this thing, so while I debated going out (I didn’t), my mom, her boyfriend, and I just tuned into the police scanner.

I screenshot this off of Instagram 2 years ago. This was the same couch we saw being carried. I don’t know why lol.

2 years ago we watched a group of guys carrying a couch. That same year we watched a couple guys toss around a football (across the road to each other). A cop pulls up and takes the football off the guys. The year before then I watched snapchats of people jumping on cars. And the year before that, when I worked at Sheetz, I watched people run down the road to witness a riot breaking out in the middle of the streets. It was all over this website called Worldstar, and that’s not something to be proud of. You can still find the video on YouTube, but I won’t post it because I’m not trying to post my actual location on here. Just know it’s absolutely dumb and ridiculous. I can’t wait to be done with this town.

I actually got the cop taking the football off of these guys. You can hear my mother and the scanner in the background.

I didn’t take this picture, but I remember seeing it on Twitter or something. This is basically what happens, everyone gets together in large crowds and they drink all day for the entire weekend.

Anyways, hope everyone has a great Wednesday! I’m making my way slowly back around. I’m finding and losing motivation. It’s a contradiction.

12:25 PM

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