7 More Types Of Customers I Deal With

Last week, I made a post talking about 7 types of customers I deal with on a regular. This week, I’m adding 7 more to the list. Here goes:

The One That Asks You How College Is. Then Asks You What Your Future Plans Are.

Enough said. It always reminds me that I’m not doing anything with my career right now. Thanks for the daily reminder.

The One That Asks You To Hangout.

Unless I’ve seen you all the time for the last 6 months or longer, there is a 99.99% chance I’m going to say never. Especially since you’re a dude and I have a boyfriend. No thanks. But the more I see of the same people, the more they start throwing it out there. Sorry, I see you buying shitty beer and drinking everyday, it’s not really something I want to do.

There’s actually this guy with face tattoos (face tattoos, let me repeat that), he came in and bought 2 four lokos the other day (the shittiest thing to drink) and he was like, “you’re paying for those, right?” Trying to be funny or something, I guess. He’s come in quite a few times before. I was just kind of like, “It doesn’t work like that.” Not amused. And he went on to go, “Okay, since I’m buying these, you can buy dinner next time.” And I just kind of laughed and gave a strained smile as he left. Not really funny. Four lokos are $2.75 for one, he spent $5.50. Dinner for two is never that cheap for one (even at McDonald’s), and two, never going to happen. Just no. Don’t flirt with me. You’re not cool or funny. Sorry. Not sorry.

The One That Never Speaks (Or Barely Speaks).

Seriously, there is this one older lady who comes in everyday, buys two gold four lokos (yuck), and barely speaks a word.

I also had a guy the other day, surprisingly older, come in wearing headphones, and bought a 12 pack of Hurricane (cheap shit for those who don’t know). I don’t care what you’re buying, but it’s rude when you’re ignoring everything I’m saying because you can’t hear a word I’m saying. This guy didn’t even acknowledge me, just pulled out the money (exact change) and left.

Then, there are those who come up to the register, barely speak to you more than to let you know they are picking up their order, and are preoccupied with their phone call. This lady the other day was just on her phone (I mean it sounded important, but it doesn’t change how rude it is when I’m trying to figure out what you want). She ignored me the entire time (my coworker had started ringing her up and she mentioned the pick up order). All I wanted was a simple confirmation that yes, that cheesesteak was hers and I was actually ringing her up for the right thing.

I don’t care who you are, but have some kind of decency when you’re checking out somewhere. Put the phone on hold, or wait until you are done with your call to check out. I don’t want to fuck up your order because you can’t multitask.

The One That Comes In Before 4PM Expecting The Bar To Be Open.

The time never changes, unless there is a Steeler’s game or Pens game that comes on at 3pm. Legit the earliest they ever open.  Correction, Homecoming they are open all day and open at 11am. There’s not enough staff to keep it running all the time. Would you like to join the crew? No? Then go away.

I had a lady call once, and I say, “Thank you for calling _____ (my store’s name) how may I help you?” And she asked when we were open. Mind you, we have a different name than the bar’s side does. So I told her our hours. She didn’t ask for the bar hours. They come in later and apparently were upset because the girl on the phone told her they were open. I said ____ was open, not the bar.

The One That Tells You Their Life Story

Usually, they’re very nice people. However, just because we are slow, does not mean I have time to stand up front for a half hour chit chatting with you. Some days, I really don’t mind, as some people are interesting. Other times, especially when I’m really tired, the last thing I feel like doing is listening to you talk about your life.

I had a lady trying to order pizzas for her grandkids a couple weeks ago on the phone. She lived in Harrisburg and obviously not in the same area, but she wanted to buy them pizzas for this ice skating party or something. Anyways, she called (probably about 5 times) and talked to me each time. Really nice lady, but I was gritting my teeth the entire time because she was talking about her grandkids and the conversations were at least 5 to 10 minutes on the phone with her. Old people can ramble too much, and I tried to be nice and kind of push her to figure out what she wanted and I’d put her order in for her. I just don’t have time to bullshit on the phone with strangers, and I really don’t want to.

The One Who Doesn’t Know What They Want

They don’t know what they want, or they’ve never been here before, which is cool. I’m the worst to ask for a recommendation though, I will tell you everything. The worst question is when they ask me what I like. Most of these people, too, will stand at the register looking at the menu for 10 minutes. Which forces me to stay at the register the entire time until they know what they want. That’s where it gets annoying and awkward. It’s easier when they’re nice enough to step to the side until they know what they want.

And lastly….

The One With The Complicated Order

The one who comes in (or calls in) a specialty made order that we do not have on the menu. For example, a couple days ago I had someone call in an order for their boss (I know the guy, he’s from Philly and he gets a cheesesteak most of the time). Apparently he wanted a Buffalo Chicken Salad (which standard comes a fried  chicken tossed in buffalo with mixed greens, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, fries and mozzarella cheese), but he wanted it with turkey added, double egg, croutons, sliced American cheese, and red onions only, with the fries on the side. So I had to figure out how much to upcharge him for the turkey, the egg, etc. It was a $16 salad. It’s honestly just really annoying.

We also don’t have an actual veggie sub on the menu, so if someone wants to order one, I have to actually write in everything they want. It’s not bad when we’re slow and not busy, but if we are, it’s the most pain in the ass thing to order. I guess I’ve learned that every place can be made to order if you really want something catered to what you want. Which is a real pain in the ass when you’re busy. And figuring out upcharges is also a pain, because I know I’ve overcharged on a few things and I feel bad when I do wind up doing that.

In conclusion, customers can be a real pain in the ass. But sometimes, you get the good ones who talk to you (not overly, but you see them often so it’s like you’re old friends after awhile), and you get the nice ones who leave you tips. But in between those good ones, come a long string of annoying and frustrating customers.

As with the last post, what are some of your worst and best experiences with customers?

10 thoughts on “7 More Types Of Customers I Deal With”

  1. Lmao I get people telling me their life story right out of the gate and I want to interrupt them to tell them I can’t help them, but they keep going. So I wait til they’re finished, then let them know I can get someone to help them- to whom they’ll explain their issue all over again 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? It annoys me so much! And good, there needs to be more places like that! I’ve only seen those signs in like urgent care and doctors offices lol.
      The other thing that annoys me is when someone calls the store and then proceeds to put ME, the person they are calling, on hold.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha really?! Lots of restaurants here have them!!
        And OH MY GOSH! They call the store and put you on hold? What the hell… I’d hang up. At Sonic, you’re supposed to the push the button when you’re READY to order and when people would press it right when they got there & say “um… hold on lemme look at the menu” I’d say “press the button again when you’re ready to order, thank you” and just hang up hahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha it may be a city thing then! Small towns still have time to dawdle I guess 😂 and right? It pisses me off so much! I’ll have people call and ask about specials and then talk to their friends/spouses/etc in the background and they’re talking to you and them and it’s so annoying 😂 and oh gosh, people are dumb and annoying lol


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