Spring 2018 Bucket List

Spring is right around the corner! Finally. Winter is always the longest season, at least when you  live up north. And even once Spring hits? It can still snow in May. There is little hope here. But we’re going to stay optimistic because warmer days are approaching, which means shorts weather and sunshine and the sun is already staying out later and later. That part makes me so happy! So in preparing for all of this, I thought it’s time to get myself back on track with a goal list, a bucket list, for this upcoming season. That gives me 3 months to get these things done and accomplished. The real question here, is can I actually motivate myself to keep on track? Only time will tell, I guess!

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1.) Take up yoga, and stick with it. No more excuses!

2.) Get my permit. This means getting my birth certificate, and getting my ass out there driving.

3.) Look into taking out a personal loan to pay off the rest of my credit card debt. Once I do that, I can start investing into getting a car (once I get my permit issue dealt with).

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4.) Save, save, save! This whole year is revolving around getting back on track, this is a big must.

5.) Deposit my loose change into the bank. Whether this means making 500 trips up to the bank and depositing a little at a time, I need to do this soon. My jar is just about full and I have over $120 in change alone.

6.) Talk to Ray about taking a weekend trip this summer. I’m upset he’s going to Tennessee again right after he’s done with finals (he didn’t even ask me if I wanted to go, not that he has to I guess), but he’s visiting a friend down there. But the entire summer he’ll be doing rotations all week long. He said his weekends should be free, though, and we haven’t gone anywhere since Foxburg last year.

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7.)Talk to Ray about my personal issues with him. I need to know where our future is going, if there is a future, where he sees us. Hell, we need to talk about if I’m even going to see him for our one year. Are we going to do anything to celebrate that?

8.) Figure out things at home. What is my mother going to do? What are we doing about our living situation? I don’t want to stay here forever, I wanted to be out of this shitty town this year, and it’s not fair to keep holding me back when I have a chance to start fresh on my own. Things have to change, soon.

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9.) Stay consistent with blogging again. Daily blogging isn’t going to happen as often as I used to do it, but I still want to post frequently during the week. 3-5 posts weekly if I can.

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10.) Remember to stay positive, happy, and keep focusing on making the future happen. I want to achieve all of these goals, and I need to get myself on track. I want to get back into photography again by this summer, too (it’ll be on my summer goals list).

I have a few smaller goals I want to accomplish, such as getting my hair done and looking into how much a passport is going to cost me if I want to go out of State. Thanks to PA doing something (or not doing something with their laws), my PA ID is no good outside of this state. So, passport will be a good thing to look into, but I think it’s around $130? Other things also include getting that laptop, updating my portfolio, and looking into other jobs for this summer.

What are some of your spring goals? I thought about making this list longer, but 10 goals seems reasonable to maintain and actually achieve. Too many gets stressful.

4 thoughts on “Spring 2018 Bucket List”

  1. Great goals for the spring- you can do it all 🙋🏻 we believe in you! I’m trying to save money too, but it’s hard haha yoga has helped me feel a lot better in the mornings before work

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    1. Thanks so much 💜 haha saving money is tough! Something always seems to come up when you think you’re doing well, and then bye bye money lol. And that’s great! I need to start doing it in the mornings lol

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