March 2018 Ipsy Bag

I received my ipsy bag about a week ago now! Ipsy seems to arrive a lot earlier than Birchbox it seems, at least for me. My Birchbox finally arrived yesterday, so I’ll be working on that post shortly as well. This month’s bag was designed slightly bigger than the other three bags I received from them. My favorite so far is still the first one, the Christmas mint one, which I never got around to posting about. This bag is definitely more creative, though, and I love how they left the bag with options to color in on it, and make it your own.

I really like the create theme in this bag. And I thought it was really cool they included a couple of markers as well, I’m assuming, to color in the bag, which has a canvas feel to it.

Good Night PM Mask

“Skin feeling stressed from a long day? Say goodbye to rough and dry skin. End your night with the rejuvenating PM Mask to nourish and revitalize your skin overnight.

Eco-friendly lyocell sheet infused in Avocado Fruit Extract which helps with nourishing the skin while maintaining skin firmness. Camellia Sinesis Leaf Water is high in vitamins, providing intensive moisture and elasticity to the skin.”

My thoughts: I have sensitive skin, so I love when I’m able to find masks that don’t make my face feel like it’s burning off (I tried a mask a few weeks ago that was just awful on my skin, and it said it was all natural, too). This mask smelled great. I used it right before I went to bed, like it suggested, and I feel like it did the job. My skin just looked and felt better right after the use, and I’m happy they gave me two masks in this bag to use.

Prismatic Ombre Fan Brush

My thoughts: I love getting brushes, mainly because I just don’t really have very many! I dunno how often I’d find use for this fan brush, but I love the colors and design of it! The bristles are also very soft, too, and the feel of the brush is also nice.

Creamy Matte Lipstick in Nude

My thoughts: I like neutral colors, so I’m happy they sent me the Nude color versus the Chocolate one. There’s not much of a noticeable difference once it goes on, but it feels smooth and I like the way that it looks. It’s not very long lasting though.

Sex Kitten Eyeliner

My thoughts: I love getting eyeliners. This one is great for the waterline, which is what I mainly use on a daily basis. I noticed it seemed to last me most of the day as well, and this was through an 8 hour work shift. I’ve never used anything by Tarte before, but I know it’s a great brand.

Loose Pigment in Sinister

My thoughts: This is the one item I still have not tried yet! I haven’t had a need to try it, though, and I’ve never used loose eye shadow before either. The color is something I’d use more for a night time look anyways, and I haven’t gone out much lately! I will say that I did test it out on my hand, and the pigment seems vibrant, and I feel it would be more so if you applied it wet.

This month, as with every bag I’ve received so far from ipsy, was filled with useful items and ones that I liked. This is my fourth bag from them and I don’t plan on cancelling my subscription anytime soon! I love how every month is a different and unique bag, too. Honestly, too, for $10 a month, you get more than what you pay for. It’s definitely worth it to try out if you haven’t already!

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