Journal Entry (#32)

March 11, 2018
9:30 AM

I don’t have a day off until next Sunday. This is getting really exhausting. I understand we don’t have people, and next week is spring break, so half of our staff is going home. We have 7 cooks and mainly 2 cashiers next week. Everyone is working 6 days just about. It sucks. I’m trying to focus on how nice my last paycheck was, and the overtime really adds up fast, but it’s so exhausting.

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Not to mention the fact that when I returned to work on Friday I realized something. All it takes is for me to be there for 5 minutes and I’m stressed out. Like almost instantly I’m stressed. If I’m not there for a few days, I feel like nothing is done up to my level so it adds more work on me.

To top it off, the last two days were sooooo busy it physically wore me out by the time I got home. Granted, 9 1/2 hours is tiring alone, but when you’re constantly running back and forth, back and forth, by the time you sit down and finally relax? You find that you are really, really wiped out. I’ve been in bed before 11 the last two nights.

Friday we had a pizza oven down during dinner, and it was bad. We had people waiting for their pizza well over an hour after they got in the store to pick it up. We gave so many refunds and gift cards. It was a constant, “I’m sorry, there’s only so much we can do.” Because the pizzas were made, they just had to be run through the backed up oven. And dine-in orders take priority over everything. Which I disagree when the call-in person shows up. Those should have been popped in right away. But I guess it’s not always that easy when there’s a system and tables are waiting on pizza and front line food.

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Anyways, I’m already wiped and it’s only day 3 of day 9 today. It’s going to be a long ass week.

My time at Ray’s was really nice though! Definitely over too quickly, as always, but still nice. He picked me up on Wednesday, and right when he picked me up, my manager calls me and asks me to work Thursday night if I’m feeling better. And I’m like, I’m going to Pittsburgh still, because I am feeling better. Like, I had Wednesday and Thursday requested off for a reason. Apparently my one other cashier, A3, got strep throat, too. I probably gave it to her honestly. But I wasn’t blowing off my plans to pick up an extra shift, and I’m glad I didn’t. I wasn’t losing any more time with Ray. Work can suck it sometimes. I bust my ass, I need a break. I will give my manager credit though, he was praising me up to the owner yesterday that I care more about that place than the whole night shift crew. So at least they do see it.

Anyways, I went to Ray’s! He picked me up in the afternoon, and we got back to his place around 3pm. We were both hungry so we decided to go to Southside and find a place to eat. He parked somewhere, and we just kind of walked until we stopped in front of this bar and grille that was offering $4 wine and half off wings. It was just called dive Bar & Grille. We were the only people there when we walked in, they either just opened or something! But it was actually pretty awesome, because we got fast service, sat wherever we wanted, and nobody else came in to eat or drink the entire hour we were there. It felt like we were exclusive customers. I got a cheesesteak, and Ray got some wings, and we both had some wine. The food was really good! The wine not so much, but it was just too bitter for me.

When we left there, we went back to his place and took some time to ourselves for a little while. After that, we went downstairs and watched a movie called The Straight Story. It’s directed by David Lynch, who Ray loves (he’s a huge Twin Peaks fan). And he really wanted to watch it, and I didn’t care. It actually wasn’t a bad movie, kind of odd, but it was interesting. Came out in 1999, it’s a movie about this guy who drives his lawnmower cross country to rekindle his relationship with his brother who had a stroke.

After the movie, we got some pizza and watched the Pens game. You know, as someone who doesn’t really watch sports, I don’t think I mind hockey that much at all. I could get into it. Or maybe just watching sports with Ray has it growing on me. He has a fantasy league going and it’s entertaining. He gets so into it. After the game, we played some Mario Kart and Rocket League, and drank some whiskey and coke. It was a good night.

It was a strawberry chocolate crepe. So yummy but so sweet.

Thursday we didn’t get to do too much. We went to the Strip District for brunch, and stopped at this place called DeLuca’s. We got breakfast even though it was around 1pm when we got there. We tend to sleep in when we’re with each other. After we were getting up to leave, we realized there were plaques on the seats. Apparently Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike sat at those seats in the movie Jack Reacher. I’ve never watched that movie, but now I feel the need to.

**I’m actually running a little late today, so I’m going to pick this entry up after work. **

March 12, 2018
3:48 PM

Okay, well, things did not go according to how I wanted to make them happen. Good things and annoying things! Last night I hung out with C after work, and just didn’t have the time to finish the journal entry, sadly. Had been hoping to leave work early, and still got stuck there until 8. Oh well. A1 came back from her softball trip to Florida, and told me she could work today as cashier all day if A3 wanted to work tonight. A3 was cool with coming in, and I was supposed to get today off as well as Sunday. Except, Oscar called this morning and said he was sick, so I wound up having to go in for a few hours to help cover lunch. Which wasn’t awful – I got free beer out of it so it worked out. Plus my manager said he’d talk to the owner about getting me a raise (which I’m not going to lie, I could use one, it’s been a year since my last one). But it delayed this journal entry from being finished!

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To stop this entry from being even longer than necessary, I’m going to leave it on a note of I got my ipsy bag the other night and I’m hoping to have tried all the products over the next few days and get that post out soon! My Birchbox should also be arriving soon as well. I have another post I’ve been working on, too, and I’m hoping I can have that one out either this week or next week, so stay tuned guys, I am working my way back. I had a bit of a delay, but I’m still here!

In other news, too, my credit score has officially reached good standing at 700. I’m so happy, I’ve worked so hard to get it that high. I also managed to get my student loans deferred for another year, so I won’t have to worry about those right now. And lastly, I received a $100 bonus from the owner because we did well in sales, and that money went straight into my savings. I have $348 saved up. I’m getting there! My coworker offered to sell me a Macbook Air for $200. It has 8 GB of RAM on it and wasn’t used for a lot. So I may actually buy it off of him, because that’s a hard price to beat and Macbook’s are great for Photoshop. Stoked!

Much love to you all! ❤

3:53 PM

8 thoughts on “Journal Entry (#32)”

  1. Sounds like you could use a better job! Have you been looking for something easier on you mentally- like lower stress? I hope it gets better for you, either way. Glad you got time with your man (: and that your credit score went up! Mine recently reached “excellent” and I couldn’t believe it haha my boyfriend is still trying to catch up to me

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly I do! There are perks to my job but it stresses me out a lot. I haven’t been looking lately, but I know I’ll have to soon. Things have to change. Thank you though 🙂💜 and that’s awesome! Congrats on that, it’s a great feeling knowing your credit is solid (:

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My job stresses me out a lot too. It’s been really bad lately and I’ve been working longer, so I don’t have as much free time. Hopefully we’ll have some better luck at work soon.

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  3. That is freaking awesome that you sat in the same spot as Tom Cruise in that movie. I hate Tom Cruise & that movie sucks but still cool!
    Glad you got to enjoy some time with Ray! ♡ & that $100 bonus was super nice of them! You obviously deserve it!! I think that $200 for the Mac (as long as it’s not broken or virussed) is such a great deal!
    I’m glad to hear the positivity in this post but so sorry you have to work so many days in a row!!! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? Hahah I never saw that movie still, it’s not on Netflix, but the sequel is on Hulu actually. Which isn’t what I was looking for, but I may wind up watching it just because lol. But yeah it’s still cool that Tom Cruise and that lady (who’s name I wrote in the entry and am totally blanking on right now) sat in the same seats that Ray and I sat in, I felt like we were almost reliving that moment or something like that lol. Or in my head anyways lol!
      And it was a great time, I’m glad I went and spent it with him 💜 and right? The bonuses that we sometimes get remind me that my job could definitely be a lot worse, because extra money is always nice and welcome! Especially to those of us trying to actually save up for stuff. And yeah that Mac I’m pretty sure I’m buying off my coworker, he barely used it (he’s not a Mac guy at all), said an ex girlfriend used it some for college, and he played league of legends on there, so it’s barely used and in good condition! He’s supposed to bring it into work sometime soon (I’m hoping anyways lol), I’m just excited about finding a great deal on a good computer, especially one that can run stuff on photoshop! I’m stoked! Where else can I find a better deal than that really? And awww well thanks a lot 💜 I think I’m managing somehow lol, and I’m almost through to Sunday! Where I finally get to sleep in a tad and get my taxes done, we’ll see how That goes ❤ but thank you so much as always!


      1. Yeah, I know your job def overworks you but at least they gave you a bonus to show their appreciation of all your hard work!
        That’s gonna be so awesome for you to have that laptop! You’re on your day off now! Yay! Hope your week wasn’t too rough! ♡

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It definitely makes it worth it! Or at least more worth it lol.
        I’m still waiting on my coworker to bring the laptop in lol, I may have to pester him 😂 and awww thanks love 💜

        Liked by 1 person

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