Journal Entry (#31)

March 7, 2018
10:10 AM

Today is the day. I’m finally going to get to see Ray. Hopefully, anyways. I dunno what this crazy weather is going to do, and I hope it doesn’t ruin it. He said he’ll probably leave by 11 am or 12 pm, but he hasn’t texted me yet so I’m thinking probably closer to 12, putting him here between 1 and 2. I still have to pack. Considering I’m only spending a day and a half really, there is legit no reason for me to over pack, which is what I always wind up doing.

Via Pixabay

My throat is feeling so much better, the antibiotics are doing their job. It doesn’t hurt to swallow anymore, so yay, progress! I’m glad I had yesterday to rest up, I think my body really needed it. Work just stresses me out, and talking irritates your throat when it’s trying to recover.

C was telling me they were all telling J (manager) that they missed me (apparently chanting, “we want Laken!”). I was just kind of like, awwww! I don’t think I mentioned that on Monday before work, I was texting C, and telling him how awful I felt and that I was going to try to leave work early. C confronted J before I even got there and told him that I needed to go home early. This is twice now, he’s handling my confrontations for me. And J jokes that he’s scared of C. It’s just nice to have someone on my side. Even though I did not ask him to do that, I can fight my own battles and handle my own situations.

C’s told me that I’m his best friend. That his other friends actually get jealous because he wants to hang out with me all the time. I mean, he pretty much is one of my best friends at this point. He’s not shy at all about his feelings, but he doesn’t push anything either, and he actually kept saying that I need to and better get to see Ray – I told him I was worried I wouldn’t get to see him because of being sick. Sometimes C acts more like my boyfriend than my actual boyfriend, but distance plays a huge factor in this, too.

Via Pixabay

On another note, my high school best friend, the one who had her baby last year, who’s first birthday I missed? She’s been keeping in touch with me a lot more lately. Actually, she made a snapchat and added me on there a few days ago, and we’ve been messaging each other on there quite a lot. It’s actually really nice, I feel her starting to come around again. And I kind of know why she’s been distant, and part of it is her and her husband are getting a divorce. Or rather, she wants a divorce, but he doesn’t. I want to know more of the story there, but she’s kind of private about these things and I respect that. She’s mentioned things in the past, and I get it. Sometimes people just look better on paper than in person. They still get along well, but romantically I don’t think they’re fitting. And her top priority is her daughter.

Hopefully once things get sorted out more, both on her side and mine, we can find some time to actually get together in person and talk things out. I really do miss her. We were talking about Ray last night and she mentioned that she wanted to creep on him and it just kind of took me back to years ago when I would mention a boy to her and she’d kind of investigate.

We have one of those friendships where I think even if we’re at different crossroads, I think we’ll always find a way to be there for each other. Life changes, we all grow up eventually. Priorities change, goals change. Hell, people in general – we change. But a real friendship? It doesn’t go away or fade with time. It’s always there. If you’ve been friends with someone for so long, there’s this bond there that will always be there, no matter what.

Via Pixabay

Alright, I think that’s enough rambling. I have to get my shower and pack yet, and find time to get some food in me before I leave, too. And change out my sheets. Being sick sucks, but I guess it forces you to switch everything out to eliminate those germs. I have to toss my toothbrush, too.

If I still have time, I’ll probably try to read some blogs! I’m slowly working my way back in. Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, it’s time for a fresh start. Spring is also around the corner. I can’t wait.

10:28 AM

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