Fresh Start

I went to urgent care last night. Left work early because I was so sick work was a struggle. C kept poking fun at me because I could barely talk and I kept trying to warm myself up by standing next to the pizza oven. They basically confirmed I had strep throat (honestly the most the lady did was look at my throat, listen to my breathing, and just said I had strep). No strep test was taken, but I pretty much assumed it was that anyways. So now I’m on antibiotics, again, and I took today off work (and since I’m seeing Ray, I’m off the next two days as well).

Oddly, it’s almost what I needed – a break from work. It’s like a 3 day vacation, even though I’m sick. Being sick actually gives me an excuse to be lazy and stay in bed all day and not be bugged. It’s almost nice, except, you know, my throat is kind of killing me.

This isn’t a journal entry though, and to get to the point: I’m oddly motivated now that I’m getting this break from work. I’ve been thinking about things lately and I keep talking about coming back, but it’s been hard when I have no energy after work. I also realize that I’m forgetting how to get myself into the groove of things, and part of it was having a goal to write everyday. Now, I’m not trying to write everyday anymore, but having a few different posts throughout the week would be a good start.

So this is my way of saying that I’m going to be working on making a comeback. For sure this time. My goal is to get at least two non-journal entry posts a week. The topics are going to be random, I have a whole list of them I can pick from at this point, including my February fail list.

I miss blogging.

And I miss keeping up with your blogs. I’ve fallen so behind, I’m probably going to start fresh with most of you.

So as of right now, this is my goal for March. It’s simple, and honestly it’s going to be a busy month for me, so I think this is the best tactic. To slowly ease myself back into it, and to get myself back in the groove with things and life and everything.

My bullet journal has just been sitting on my dresser, I want to work on that once more, too.

So many goals, fingers crossed I can handle it this time. Thanks so much to all of you who still write and comment to me on here. You keep me coming back ❤

21 thoughts on “Fresh Start”

    1. It’s awful! I’ve been getting it once a year now and it just sucks lol. It should go away soon now that I have antibiotics. I miss you guys, too! I feel like this start of the year has just been draining lol

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      1. Haha partially because of that and partially because nothing seems to be going according to plan 😂 and I’ve gotten sick twice in the first 3 months. I’m ready for summer lol

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  1. I’m so sorry you’ve got strep. I’m really susceptible to it since I still have my tonsils, they’re huge, and they’re cryptic- so I know that sucks. I hope you get enough time away from work to heal and feel better (: I’m glad you’ll be blogging more soon

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  2. Aw girl! I’m on the same boat, only I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had the chance to blog! You got this tho! I’m glad to see that you’re getting motivated to blog and work on other things once you get better🤗

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  3. Hope you’re okay! My friend got it last year and she felt awful so I really do hope you get better soon 🙂 But also glad that you finally get time to take a lil break! And fresh starts are always good 🙂 looking forward to seeing your posts again x

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