Journal Entry (#28)

February 25, 2018
10:04 AM

Things are supposed to be getting better, not worse. Yesterday was the first day I had off in those 11 days, and I took a lazy day for me. I played D2 all day and the most productive thing I did was go to Wal-Mart. I figured I’d make today a little more productive, and get things back in the groove on this blog and pick up my bullet journal again. Right?

Well, last night I had C send me a picture of the schedule for next week. I’m so fucking pissed. ZERO days off this week. ZERO. Monday through Sunday. Like, thanks so much for the fucking warning that I was about to get fucked this week. I don’t want to work 60 hours a week, I was content with my 40. All I get done doing is working and I’m starting to feel really overwhelmed that I have no time to do anything else. I’m just too tired after work! I’m lucky if I have enough energy to go and hang out to unwind.

My thing is, I don’t mind helping out – I really don’t. If you need me to work more hours or come in to help cover someone not being there, that’s one thing. But fucking come to me first! I was not warned or prepared for this at all, and I’m really upset about it because they say I do so much for them, but I’m getting more and more fucked over.

The following week I know I’ll get those two days off to see Ray, but I don’t want to be working nonstop until then. I can’t even find time to get a fucking haircut. I still have to do my taxes, get my birth certificate. There’s so much to do and I just keep getting fucked over. No wonder I’ve lost motivation to post as often on here. And I was so psyched to get this blog back in the groove again.

Everyone else on the schedule has at least one day off, and my other cashiers, I see a few places he could’ve helped me out and had someone work a day shift on Sunday or something. But nope, I get fucked over because I’ve been there the longest. They’re going to push me out at this rate. I’m about ready to call it quits but I can’t afford to do that.

I just can’t believe they did this to me with no warning at all. I’m trying to still calm down over how upset I am about it before I go in and bitch up a storm. I don’t even want to walk up there, it’s rainy and miserable out to top it off. But I feel like I’m going to have to.

My manager cannot make a schedule to save his life. I get that he’s tired, he just had a baby last month, and I know he’s exhausted. However, you have someone else fucking look at the schedule, too! The schedule is getting worse and worse, and he needs to do something about it.

Not just that, but one of our front line cooks who works mornings (we’ll call him AA) decided to leave work early on Thursday. It’s not the first time he’s done that, he just leaves when he feels like leaving, doesn’t say a word and walks out. He got upset because C was late to work (he had a meeting with his probation officer I guess, and he really should not have made it right before he went to work, but I digress), and he was upset because he wanted to leave. But he walked out the door, no one knew he was gone, he just left on his own.

O was pissed. And he has every right to be, he gets fucked over a lot there, too. The next day? AA didn’t show up for work or let anyone even know he wasn’t showing up. As the opening cook, it’s kind of necessary, and the owner came in and had to call everyone in. I found out when I got there what happened. But he’s officially fired. You can’t do that at a job, and that’s not how you handle the situation. But it is what it is. It sucks, and I know it made writing the schedule this week difficult, but I’m a cashier, not a fucking cook. I shouldn’t be working 60 hours a week with no days off. Ugh.

I have more hours than C next week. He got put on mornings, and a lot of his shifts are freaking 10am-4pm. I’m working 10:30am – 6/7/8pm.

I don’t know, I think I have every right to be pissed off right now. I’m so upset about this. My stress has come back in full force. And it’s making me hard to make use of this last day I have off. Because if I’m this fucked this week then I won’t have a chance to do much until after I come back after Ray’s. Which is the week after this. I wanted to get my ass in gear for March. I don’t know what to do. I’m always getting fucked over. I’m going to wind up going in there and bitching up a storm. How is it okay that my managers get two days off all the time, and the fucking cashier has to work 7 days straight in one week?

I can’t handle this bullshit anymore. Something has got to give soon.

10:21 AM

22 thoughts on “Journal Entry (#28)”

  1. That sounds really stressful and annoying! I totally get you on how it can be difficult to do anything else when you’re working full time or in your case more than full time. It’s just tiring! Hang in there and I hope you get to talk to the manager and point out that 60 hours is a lot in one week even if you’ve been working there ages. Stay strong xx

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    1. It really is! And was. C talked to my manager and pointed out that I had no days off lol. So I’m getting one day off, which is better than none. Still about 50 hours, but it made me feel a little more relieved. Work is just tiring. I’m trying to hang in there though, all I do is work lol. Trying to focus on the pay


    1. I got it sort of sorted out, I’m getting a day off this week at least. It’s hard when we lack the right amount of people unfortunately. And they work with me when I need days off, so I try to pull my weight, too.


  2. Ooh…I feel like that’s illegal. They can’t make you work 7days in a row especially if it’s over 40 hrs without your approval. I’m sorry babe. You gotta tell ’em no. Hope you went up there (& the weather wasn’t too bad) & bitched up a storm lol. ♡

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    1. Yeah I don’t think they can do that either lol. I was actually going to talk to them tomorrow when I went in, but C brought it up to my manager that he didn’t give me a day off, and my manager wound up calling me and told me I’d get Saturday off and he’d move people around. Which is a relief. I hate working 6 days, but at least there’s going to be a break. I was so livid earlier and he was so cool on the phone 😂 I think I stress myself out

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      1. Haha he is sweet. But I’m glad he mentioned it for me and saved me the hassle 😂 and yeah me, too. I was really mad about it, but I feel relieved now. And we really do! We need to stop overthinking 💜

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  3. I feel you. I had to give my work new availability for my schedule this year- it pained me to cut back, but I couldn’t run myself into the ground working 24/7 so please be sure to take the breaks you need and deserve!

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