Journal Entry (#22)

February 3, 2018
6:00 PM

So… I’ve been feeling awful lately and I didn’t even write my post for yesterday. And today, I just feel so unmotivated, I decided to rearrange some of my posts and make today a journal entry instead. So tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be feeling better, and I’ll write the two posts I was supposed to write yesterday and today.

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The last few days were a little rough, but I just haven’t been feeling any better. So today, I went to urgent care to get checked out. My throat has been what’s been bothering me the most, on top of my sinuses. They told me it sounded like Sinusitis. So, I got an antibiotic and a steroid and I’m trying those out now. Fingers crossed it does the trick and I’m back to feeling like myself soon. Being sick is miserable. I just have no energy.

It sucks, I missed my friends birthday party for her one year old, and she hasn’t even read my message apologizing for it. So I dunno what’s up with that. I had plans to get myself on top of my bullet journaling and blogging this weekend, but I can see that’s not going to happen that well, sadly. So I’m going to be honest – this weekend is just going to be me relaxing. I started watching The Office again and it’s been the best decision I’ve made lately.

The other thing that’s been bothering me is my period has still not arrived yet, and it was due around the 26th. I’m trying not to get worried about it, because it has been a couple weeks late in the past, but… how can you not worry after it’s been overdue? I went a whole month without a period. It could be stress related, or it could be because I’m sick. I’m trying to focus on those facts. I don’t think I’m pregnant at all, but if it doesn’t come within the next week I may have to get myself checked out, and that worries me.

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I’ve fallen so behind on reading your blogs again. It sucks, every time I think I get myself caught up again, I lose time and fall a few days behind, and it takes a bit to get caught up again. I’m hoping to get back on track once I feel better again. I get really sick once a year, so I was pretty much overdue for this. The last time I was really sick was last year right after New Year’s. I got strep throat.

Anyways, guys, I’m sorry for slacking! I’ll be back on a regular schedule once I get back to feeling better. I hope you’ve all been having a good week!

6:10 PM

February Writing Challenge #2

12 thoughts on “Journal Entry (#22)”

  1. I hope you feel better soon, sorry you couldn’t make it to that bday party- I know you really wanted to go! Try not to worry about the lateness too much…I started spotting once pretty bad after having a really bad stomach bug and then ended up not getting my period later that month. Stay positive and that sickness will get its butt kicked (:

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  2. Glad you went the UR for the steroid & antibiotics! Hope you’re feeling better now! ❤ & I’ve missed my period for a whole month before too. You were stressed out & sick so you missed a month!! It’s okay. 🙂

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      1. It’s not really late anymore!! It seems you missed your January period, love. Like you said… it’s a third ways through Feb. You prob won’t get it until your Feb. one is due now. It’s okay! ❤

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      2. True, I think 2 weeks late means it just decided to skip a month. I feel like I may be PMSing now so I’m like hoping to God it’s just running late cuz I was sick lol. Maybe my body just needed to reset itself.

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