Hello, February

Welcome to February, where I am starting it off not only being sick, but being a complete idiot. I had a few comments that were not spam in my spam folder, and I went to delete the one comment that was spam and…. I deleted them all. It makes me sad, I can’t even get them back. I wanted to cry when I realized I did that. If I haven’t replied to your comments, that is why, and I apologize for that. I hate how WordPress marks the wrong comments as spam. My delirious self also doesn’t know what she’s doing apparently.

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I don’t know what I have, but it started off with me hacking my lungs out last week, and now I’m stuffy and feverish, I feel so off. I’ve been going from hot to freezing all day. And I can’t breathe. I hate this. Curse this weather and it’s bipolar-ness. Why can’t it just be warm or cold? Not a mix of up and down. I may have the flu. I’m not sure.

Anyways, this post is not to focus on my sickness, but to make a personal goal list for this month. I started this thing back in October (last month’s goals: here) on top of my Daily Writing Challenge (this month: here).

February Personal Goals:

  • Continue saving money (only touching what is necessary)
  • Cut back on eating as much takeout
  • Do my taxes
  • Order my birth certificate
  • Try to see Ray, at least make one day work
  • Start up a yoga routine, and daily workout (after I feel better)
  • Eat breakfast more often
  • Get my student loans figured out, try to defer them again
Via Pixabay

I have quite a few goals I would love to accomplish this month, and without seeing Ray as often, I would like to try to focus more on getting things done. There’s a lot that I need to focus on, and I want to focus more on myself as well. Summer will be in a few months, and I would like to work on getting myself a little healthier. I have terrible eating habits to begin with, but cutting back on certain things and focusing more on eating breakfast and less takeout I think is a good goal to have. Payday is Friday, so hopefully I can get a chance to do some grocery shopping for myself. If I spend an average of $20-$30 on takeout during a week, wouldn’t it make more sense to spend $60 at the grocery store and plan out my meals? Or something along those lines?

Via Pixabay

What are some of your personal goals for this month?

February Writing Challenge #1

15 thoughts on “Hello, February”

  1. These are great goals (: this month I’m gonna try to keep on my blogging schedule of every Tuesday and Friday, but it’s not super serious if I choose to move to different days. My main goal is to get our pet frog to eat- one of them has eaten, but the other still seems too nervous /:

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    1. Thank you (: and that’s a great plan! Yeah it’s definitely not a big deal if you switch it up lol, it’s your blog after all (: and aww poor froggy! I’ll catch up on your recent posts soon, promise! I’m happy you got your frogs at least ☺️

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