The First Time I Got High

Have you ever gotten high? Whether you have or not, and whatever your take on the entire thing is, I have. To me, I don’t see weed as a bad drug, and I don’t really see anything negative about it unless you smoke everyday and you basically live to smoke and get high everyday. It’s one thing to smoke on a regular, it’s another to let it take control of your life.

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I had always wanted to try it, at least once in my life. It was the one drug I felt okay about trying. Hell, it’s legal in some places now. The first time I tried it, it was through a boy I met on Tinder. Well, actually we went to high school together, he graduated a year after I did, but we did share a Spanish class together once. I mentioned it briefly in My Tinder Experiences Part 2. I called him K.

K was a really chill guy, and when we matched on Tinder, I remember we didn’t talk right away. Actually, he randomly messaged me one night and asked me if I wanted to make some bad decisions. I can’t remember what I said back to that, but he apologized the next day and said he was drunk. And we went into this conversation about drinking, and how he doesn’t really like drinking that much, he prefers smoking weed. When I told him I had never tried before, he told me he would help me out if I ever wanted to try it.

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We didn’t talk a whole lot after that, but when we did he’d always talk about smoking weed. After having a rather long dry spell (when it comes to guys), and being stressed from school, I kind of just said fuck it and took him up on his offer. He lived only a couple blocks away, maybe a 10 minute walk tops. And I was meeting him during daylight, I think it was around 5 or 6pm when I went over (and around April? I think). When I left I wasn’t even sure if I was going to get high, I just figured I’d at least go and hang out, too.

I was nervous.

I didn’t know what I was doing, I just got tired of a lot of things, and I figured I needed this. I needed to try, and I had met this guy before, knew him briefly from high school – it wasn’t like he was a complete random stranger. He was a quiet guy in high school.

When I texted him to let him know I was there, I think my heart was beating fast. Because I wasn’t backing out from it. He opened the door, and we walked up the steps to his small one bedroom apartment. He told me he had gotten everything all set up for me. Which made me nervous because it meant we were for sure doing it – smoking. K showed me this little vape box he had, which he told me was a little different from smoking a bowl or a blunt. It was electric for one, and heated up by plugging it in, and you could adjust the settings on it. But because you were vaping it, it actually would hit you faster because you would inhale less of that smoke and more of the weed.

K put some music on. Because when you’re high, sound becomes more vibrant, colors become more vivid, and he told me, later, that touch feels amazing. We passed this box back and forth. He showed me how to use it properly. We did this for awhile, just smoking, passing it back and forth. I didn’t feel anything for awhile, he said that was normal. So I kept taking hits – I didn’t feel anything so I figured it wouldn’t hurt, you know? I was coughing. And the more hits I took, the more I coughed (that’s how you know it’s working I learned). And then the room felt like it was dimming, it was getting dark outside. At some point K must have turned the light on, but I didn’t even notice.

All I noticed was it suddenly got very vivid bright, and I felt like I was burning – in a good way. Things felt so weird. I remember pulling out my phone and the screen looked so odd – I guess when they depict a person being high in shows/movies, it’s actually oddly accurate. There’s no other way to really describe the experience until you go through it yourself. It was at that moment I realized why people take drugs, because it completely changed my perspective, my vision.

K had a guitar in his living room (he played music), and there were birds on the handle.  At this point, I swear I saw them moving, everything felt so alive. I was sort of freaking out, because everything had gotten so bright, and it hit me all at once how high I was. I just kept thinking that I had to go home at some point, and I was in no way shape or form able to at that moment. K laughed so hard, and looked at me, and was like, “you’re baked right now.”

I finally understood what that meant.

He offered me ice cream, and actually grabbed it out of his freezer, set it out in front of us, and completely forgot about it. He was high, too. We just sort of sat next to each other for awhile on the couch. I was feeling very weird and on edge, wired, and I wanted to make myself come down because I was paranoid. It didn’t work, I couldn’t get myself to come down, and it was freaking me out. It was at this point he leaned towards me and told me that touch feels amazing, too, if I was interested in trying that out. I was in a seize the day sort of mood, and experimenting as it was. So when his hand touched mine, I held it back. And when he locked his lips on mine, I went with it.

Everything felt like a dream. A lucid dream.

We kissed, and he asked me if I wanted to go to the bedroom. I said okay, not even fully sure if I really wanted to or not. But everything felt so surreal and weird, but also amazing. And we started making out in his room, before even making it to the bed. Everything felt amazing. The only thing was I was parched, my mouth was so dry.

Time just kind of stood still. I felt like I was in a parallel universe. We had amazing sex. Like, amazing. And I think it’s because I let myself finally relax with him and let myself enjoy the high. Once I did that, it just turned into something I can barely describe now. I know I checked my phone a few times and hardly any time had passed, but it felt like hours.

We were so in tune with each other, I’ve never had an experience quite like that again. And at that time, I really had never experienced much before him – he made me understand what sex is supposed to feel like for one.

Eventually, I just felt so tired. And it was getting late, I had to go home. He helped me unwind, but the high stayed with me the entire time – hours. But he made me feel so warm and welcome and wanted. Before I left, he told me not to be a stranger and that he wanted me to come back over again.

I got lucky that night, too, and my mother never mentioned anything when I came through the door. And she never noticed the hickey I had to cover up the few days after that.

Honestly, getting high for the first time was one of my best experiences. And a lot of people have told me they never even got high the first time they tried weed, much less baked. I’ve gotten high since, but the only time I’ve been baked since was when I had this weed chocolate JP gave me last year. And it wasn’t as infused as what I felt the first time I got high.

K wound up getting a job in North Carolina, so what we had turned into a short lived fling. And we had a lot of fun with each other, but it wasn’t meant to last. Still, I look back at it as a fun experience, and it was the first time I really let myself get loose and just let go. We’d get high and just enjoy each other’s company, and really, there wasn’t anything wrong with that. I know I was a good experience for him, too, and sometimes I wonder if he looks back at that time, too.

What are your thoughts on getting high? Or weed in general? Have you tried it?

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17 thoughts on “The First Time I Got High”

  1. You’re just so honest when you write, and it’s incredible really. I was wondering if you’d like to collaborate. We could write fiction, but if this blog is something very personal to you, which I think it is, I’m cool with just reading more of your portrayals of life in its absolute honestly, never forgetting both the ugliness and the beauty. I’m not flattering you. I don’t normally sit and read long posts, but I make it a point to read yours whenever I can.

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    1. I really appreciate your words! This blog is actually a personal thing of mine. I’ve never really collaborated with writing fiction with anyone else, and I really appreciate the offer! I haven’t really been able to focus on writing fiction for awhile sadly. But thank you for reading as always, and I know you said you’re not flattering me, but I am flattered that you do read my posts 🙂

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      1. Cool. I understand. And keep writing. And don’t care if the posts are short or long. I’m sure there are many like me who appreciate what you do 🙂

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  2. Wow dude I can totally relate! My boyfriend and I smoke dabs(which is a condensed form of THC). I remember one night him and I smoked: a cone, from a weed vape (similar to the vape box that you described in your post)and we were about to smoke dabs, but I was already stoned as ever haha.
    I really enjoyed reading about your experience❤️, I felt like I was right there lol. I’m glad you had fun! Please continue to write about your experiences!

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  3. This was so interesting! My best friend is a massive stoner, so I’ve smoked weed quite a few times with her, but I’ve never been stoned – usually I just get reallllyy chilled out and tired. Your experience sounds great! I’ve heard edibles are more potent so that may be the next thing I try 🙂 xx

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    1. That’s how it’s been for me the last few times I smoked! Unless I’ve either passed a blunt or had an edible lol. Everything else has been good, just nowhere near to that extent. It really is a great feeling if you can get there (: hope it works for you!


  4. I have never had sex high, and honestly I don’t know if I could. Literally anytime I was high (on any drug) sex was always the farthest from my mind. Same with food. It’s funny because weed is supposed to give you the munchies, but it’s the opposite for me. It just makes me sleepy and sort of puts me in a daze. Music is awesome while high! I just pretty much drink now, and haven’t been high since October. It usually makes me very anxious, so that’s why I prefer to drink as opposed to smoking.

    My first time was when I was 13 though. I skipped school with a couple kids, and they were smoking and let me try. I didn’t think it worked at first, but I kept zoning out and giggling at stuff, so then I knew I was. I didn’t smoke again until I was 18. That time I smoked waaaay too much. My heart started racing, so I started freaking out and having an anxiety attack. Then my pants kept feeling wet, so I kept thinking I peed myself. lol I can only take two hits now if I smoke or it will just be bad.

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    1. Food was far from my mind, I was so paranoid the first time it happened. I think if I had been with the wrong kind of person, sex would’ve been a terrible idea. But he helped relax me, and that helped me to actually enjoy the high. Because I was freaking out that I wouldn’t get back to normal lol. I don’t blame you for stopping! People react differently to it, and then it’s different with different strands of it and too much I don’t know enough of lol.

      You tried it so young! I was 22 when I tried it for the first time. I feel like when you try it for the first time you always take too much because you don’t feel anything right away, and when you do, it hits you all at once and it causes that paranoia lol. 2 hits is a good limit!

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      1. That’s the only thing I can assume for that, too, lol. I had an edible chocolate last year, and my friends all told me it was weak, but it got me really high (because I hadn’t smoked in forever). A lot of it is definitely tolerance to it.

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