January Ipsy Bag

Within the last week, I posted about my Birchbox for this month (here), and I wanted to also make a post about my ipsy bag this month. I’m actually more impressed with the products that come from ipsy versus Birchbox. I loved everything they sent me this month, and I actually think the bag is really cute and sporty.

Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant

“Gently resurfaces, detoxifies, brightens, tightens, smoothes.
10 minute facial
all skin types – sensitive.”

My thoughts: I’ve only used this once so far, but I did like it! I didn’t use much, but I could feel my face feeling better after the use, and it did make my skin appear a little brighter and smoother. I liked the sheet masks I got from this brand last month, and as someone with sensitive skin, it’s nice getting something that doesn’t burn my face.

Velvet Liquid Lipstick in DF

“Free of:

  • Parabens
  • Gluten
  • Phthalates

Never tested on animals”

My thoughts: I really did like this lipstick. I’ve never really tried liquid lipsticks before this month. Birchbox sent me a matte color by Smashbox that I really loved, and then ipsy sent me this one. The color they sent me looks darker in the bottle, but I was surprised it’s a little more neutral than I first thought. My only issue is it feels a little sticky on my lips, but it was less likely to come off versus the Smashbox one.

Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner

My thoughts: I LOVE this eyeliner. As someone who has only done a handful of attempts at winged eyeliner, this one is the first one that has given me little to no issue at all when controlling it. The tip is fine, and it doesn’t smudge. Plus it dries quickly. I’ve finally found a way to use liquid eyeliner and apply it within 5 minutes thanks to this. You really do pay for quality. Not to mention I’ll wear this to work and it’s still looking good by the time I leave.

Eye Artiste Single Shadow in Posse

My thoughts: I actually really liked this color. It’s kind of a reddish purple, and it’s subtle. I’ve only worn it by itself so far (I’m only wearing my makeup to work, I try not to get too fancy), and it’s also lasted all day. Blends smoothly.

L36 Tapered Highlight Brush

My thoughts: I haven’t really used this brush much, and that’s only because I don’t really wear highlight. Maybe if I get more in a future box or bag, I’ll be able to give this a proper attempt. I will say the bristles are soft, and the brush is cute and stands out, and feels nice in my hand. Plus, I definitely didn’t have a highlighter brush before.

Like I said, I really liked my bag this month! And last month also included items I liked. As someone who is new to makeup in a lot of ways, this is a way for me to get my hands on new stuff, and to figure out what I do like and don’t like. Also, some of the items are definitely worth more than $10 a month, so to me, it’s worth it. Especially since the only things I have to really compare it to are drug store makeup brands.

10 thoughts on “January Ipsy Bag”

  1. You got some nice items this month. That brush is super cute! I love the color of it. Even if you don’t use highlighter, you can use it for eyeshadow too. I have a similar brush that I use to put eyeshadow around my crease area.

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