Thoughts On: Social Media

Just about everyone these days can be found using some type of social media. If you’re on WordPress, you’re using a form of social media. And then some of you are also using other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, to advertise your website even more. In this day and age, it’s hard to not use it. However, like everything, there’s a such thing as too much.

I used to use social media a lot more often, but the last few years I haven’t really cared so much about it. Facebook I use to mostly stay updated on my “friends'” lives – you know, the people I don’t even talk to anymore. I also have family on there, so I don’t really post much. The only thing I do is share the occasional cute/funny video. I use Twitter, but mostly to vent. I have that one set privately and only follow a handful of people. Instagram is one of those apps I would like to be more focused on, but I don’t have the time. I just post the occasional photo.

I know people who are basically on Facebook all day long. My mother, she spends a lot of time playing those games they have advertised on there. I have friends who use Twitter to market themselves, or to just say whatever they want to say, then get into arguments on it. And, I have friends who aim for that perfect Instagram photo, because you have to make your profile look perfect. Then, if they don’t get the likes? They take the photo down. “Oh I didn’t even get 50 likes on my photo.” Umm… I got 40 likes once and that was the most I ever had.

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Social media is a great concept. For the most part, it helps us keep in touch with people we lost touch with, people who moved away, or just meet new people. Social media is also a great way to market a business or push people to click on your link and view your blog. If you want those views, it’s a great way to initiate it.

But like I said, there is a such thing as too much. If you’re dedicating all of your time to making it appear to people online that you are living this fake and happy life, that everything is perfect, you’re only kidding yourself. And there are people, who make it a habit to show off to the world their life, and it’s no longer about what the person posting wants, but what the audience is expecting. How is that fun? It’s not.

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Then there are the really dark and serious drawbacks to always consider: hackers, psychopaths, people who catfish, and people who steal your identity. How many of you know someone who’s been hacked on Facebook? And I’m not talking having a friend post on their status saying, “hacked.” Like actual hacked by a random stranger? It’s scary, because your information is completely out and in the open. We no longer live in a private world due to social media.

We’ve all read that article, or seen that movie describing how someone met up with a stranger they started talking to off of Facebook or Instagram. This person acts one way, you think you know them, and then you find out they’re not even the person in the photos and some people put themselves in real dangerous situations, due to social media.

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There was this episode on Catfish where this girl stole the identity of someone else, pretended to be this other girl, and spread nasty rumors about her. And she didn’t see anything wrong with it. It’s scary what people will do to a complete random stranger.

So my thoughts? For the most part it’s a good way to keep in touch with people, but be careful about what you post and who you accept into your friend requests. Be cautious to strangers, and it’s not always a good thing to make your profile public. And if you’re doing something artistic, such as photography, always watermark your photos. Too many people steal others’ work and claim it as their own.

That’s the one last thing I’ll mention, writings, pictures, photographs – anything can be taken once it’s on the internet. It’s never fully gone either.

What are your thoughts on social media?

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19 thoughts on “Thoughts On: Social Media”

  1. I totally agree! It’s a great way to stay in touch with family and friends but so easy for people to use what you’ve put on there. I told my sister to be careful of what you say on social media cause once its been typed and sent you can’t erase it, its there forever.

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  2. This was a really good post. I feel like it’s almost as though we are required in a way to be on social media. I recently drew back from social media and I really related to this post. Also I just discovered your blog and you have some really good content. I hope you have a great day!

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  3. Haha omg social media is actually a really weird thing for us to use. I feel like it’s meant to make us feel closer when in reality we’re all drifting apart. That’s only partly the fault of social media, but I think it is a factor in all of this… I actually wanna start an experiment and spend a week without using social media. And I’d love it if other bloggers joined me. If that’s something you may be interested in, you can (no pressure) check out my latest blog post. I’d be thrilled to hear from you 🙂

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    1. Haha right? It’s supposed to bring us closer but it makes us feel more isolated and alone. The concept is great, execution not so much. And that would be an interesting experiment! I would be interested in trying it out someday, but maybe not right now. I will try to check out your latest post soon 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

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  4. Social Media is either out of control, misused, overused or the greatest thing since sliced bread! Though the effort, time consumption, and at times emotional drain is apparent globally, as folks detach, unplug, or delete their accounts…yet for some, including professionals this is a well utilized method of promotion, yet, it again is vastly time consuming; that’s where we outsource for the time consuming things we lose our every day life to otherwise, sites like for example.

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