50 Little Things That Make Me Happy

I saw this idea somewhere, and I decided to give it ago. The first 50 things that popped into my head.

  1. Hot, sunny summer days.
  2. Animals. In general, seeing a dog or a cat makes me happy.
  3. Getting everything paid on time, and still having money left over.
  4. Having a good day at work, and joking all day with coworkers.

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  5. Giving someone a gift that makes them smile.
  6. Going to pay for my drinks and finding out a friend paid for it or covered it.
  7. Receiving things in the mail. That item I’ve been waiting for finally showing up in my mailbox.

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  8. Buying things. Retail therapy is a thing.
  9. Being around friends who make me laugh and live in the moment.
  10. Knowing my friends are happy.
  11. Art. Artistic things, taking photos, design – it makes me happy.
  12. Not having to get out of bed all day.

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  13. Waking up without an alarm alerting me.
  14. Sleeping in past 9 am.
  15. Warm hugs.

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  16. Reading comments on my blog.
  17. Soft, but warm blankets.
  18. Being able to sit around all day invested in a good book, with no interruptions.

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  19. Finding a book I can’t put down.
  20. Seeing my favorite characters, in books, movies, shows, find happiness – or overcoming their obstacles.
  21. Cheesy movies.
  22. Disney movies.
  23. Disney songs.
  24. Throwing on hit songs from the 90’s and early 2000’s.
  25. Ice cream.

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  26. Coffee. Mocha’s especially.
  27. Not working with certain people at work. It makes the shift so much more bearable.
  28. Having a day off and not being invested in doing something else.
  29. Spending a weekend with Ray โค
  30. Being lazy with Ray.
  31. Winning at Mario Kart.
  32. Being able to make a winged liner on the first try. I usually fuck it up and have to spend 15 minutes trying to get it right before deciding it’s close enough, no one will notice.
  33. Finding money.
  34. Getting tipped at work.
  35. Seeing my progress at something, such as a project, and seeing myself improve.
  36. Having money in the bank.
  37. Capturing a perfect moment on camera.

    Via Unsplash
  38. Getting the selfie right within a few snaps. Usually it takes me 50 to find one that’s “okay.”
  39. Being the one with a good burn; coming up with a good comeback. I usually suck at them.
  40. Comfy socks.
  41. Not having to wear 10 layers to walk outside. Give me warm weather please.
  42. Video games. Especially old school classics on the N64 and before.
  43. Drawing a perfect circle without a stencil.
  44. Finding something on sale, and it actually being in my size. Most of the time everything gets picked over by the time I find the sale.
  45. Seeing my credit score go up.
  46. Writing. Getting things off my chest.
  47. Getting out of town for a day. Or longer.

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  48. Escaping the pressures of real life.
  49. Going on walks. It’s hard to do when it’s freezing out.
  50. Knowing that things are going to get better.

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January Writing Challenge #18

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