Mid-January Accomplishments

January has been flying right by. I swear, I’ve been saying this every month, but time really is flying. I’m not complaining, it brings me closer to Ray and closer to warm weather again, but it is crazy. Working 10 days in a row also makes time seem to go by faster, too. Maybe not while at work, but when you get home and you realize the day is already over.

This month I made some personal goals (here – as I have the last few months), and because I have been working so much, I haven’t done as much as I wanted to, yet. Let’s recap what I wanted to do this month:

  • Start saving money – don’t touch it unless absolutely necessary. 
  • See Ray at least once (the next weekend we can make it look is again at the end of the month…).
  • Locate my birth certificate, and if not, order a new one.
  • Work on creating my new online portfolio, and updating my resume as needed.
  • Organize my room. Put things away that I am not using, and go from there. I’m tired of having boxes upon boxes in the corner of my room.

Well, on the plus side, I did begin saving money. Aside from the $10 I spent Saturday night, I haven’t touched my tip money. What’s left from that night is going into my savings. I’ll be close to $100 already, and we’re not through this month yet. This is the goal, first thing is to get a new computer I’m thinking.

I haven’t seen Ray yet, but the plan is to see him the weekend of the 27th. Which is coming up fast, I can’t wait. It’s hard going a whole month without seeing someone. But when you finally see them, it’s worth the wait. Every time.

Haven’t even begun looking for my birth certificate, so if we don’t look on my next two days off coming up, I’ll be ordering one before this month is over. It’s a priority.

The online portfolio also is one I haven’t even begun doing, a part of me wants to try to hold off until I do get a better computer. This one just can’t handle a lot going on at once, and it’s also why I’ve held off on revamping my own blog here.

I did some organizing this past weekend. But instead of getting rid of boxes, I added some more. It sucks, but I just don’t have the room otherwise. And I can’t stick them in another room because those rooms are packed with everything else. My mom tells me I have too much stuff and need to get rid of things, but she’s really one to talk. I’m 24, most 24 year old’s have been on their own by now or have their own place, and if I did, I’d have room for my shit.

Overall, I’m still working on this list, but I’m getting there. My bullet journal also came, and I’ve started working on that. I feel these first few pages are kind of awful because I’m trying to get my foot in the water and just make pages. I don’t know what I’m doing fully, but I’m getting the hang of it. I’m definitely going to have to order some stencils, it just feels messy right now. Once I get things tweaked, I’ll start sharing what I’m doing with it. My yoga mat should also come this week, and I’m actually excited to start doing that. Honestly, I think exercise is needed in my life. And eating healthier.

One thing I want to do with this bullet journal is watch my spending, so starting next month I’m going to watch where my money is going. Which means less alcohol and less takeout. I think that’s a good start. I want to start learning how to cook myself actual meals at home, or portion things out. In the long run, it’d probably save me money on top of eating healthier. I eat small portions to begin with.

January Writing Challenge #15

11 thoughts on “Mid-January Accomplishments”

  1. Yes, its been very busy two weeks! I agree 🙂
    Maybe you’d like to read my post about Goals for 2018 and how many people can keep their promise by 15th January here: https://tinyurl.com/yb8rleca 😉
    Good luck with these goals – I dont need to find a birth certificate but need to organise my docs better! …. 😉

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