Journal Entry (#15)

January 10, 2018
9:08 AM

Day 7 of Day 10, I’m ready for you. I’ll be stoked once it hits the weekend again. I’ve fallen behind on reading blogs, yet again. I was slowly starting to finally catch up, too! I’ll get there. I’ve been wanting to check out all of my new followers, too, and just haven’t had the time to look at your blogs either.

Yesterday, I told myself fuck it, and I ordered a couple of things I’ve been wanting for awhile – a yoga mat and a bullet journal (and some pens for the bullet journal). It’s part of my new year’s resolution, so I felt that splurging a little wasn’t a terrible move, but it did leave me with $8 in my account until next week. Whoops. I have money in my savings if push comes to shove, I just deposited all of my tip money yesterday. $30 in one dollar bills can make a person feel like they have a lot of money. It was around $70 I made in two weeks? I’m so thankful to all of my regular customers who like me so much they always make sure to tip me. I guess that’s a perk to being there for well over a year. The drawback to me not working as late is I don’t wait on this one big family that comes in Friday nights, and they used to tip me about $10. Oh well.

Now that my schedule is getting cleared up a bit, and hopefully weekends off, I think I may ask to serve next door. We have enough cashiers now, it’s not like before where it was just bad timing. They want me to do prep and pizza, but I’d make better money as a server, and I know this. I know my job. I just need to learn how to serve. Plus, it’d be good experience if I landed a serving job in the city to get me on my feet. We have another cashier coming back next week, and while I still want to stay on my side, I just want to give some of those extra hours to these new employees, and get the rest of my hours into serving. I think that’s only fair.

Anyways, I bought a yoga mat from TJ Maxx, courtesy of Hunida’s suggestion that they had some good deals going on. They had a few for $9.99, but I bought this purple, extra thick one for $12.99. It’s supposed to take 5-10 days to arrive, and after it does, I will no longer have a reason not to do some at home workouts, and get myself into yoga. There’s videos on YouTube and other places that I can look up to learn, but if you have any recommendations for yoga or at home workouts (I plan on using Hunida’s video she shared for a workout), but I’m interested in seeing others as well! While I’m not trying to lose weight, I do need to do something to build up some muscle, and tone myself up. I was cutting french fries at work two days ago, and let me tell you, for a girl with very little arm muscle, my arms are still fucking sore from cutting a bucket of fries. And some of the potatoes would get stuck and I was literally putting my entire weight on the thing and it wouldn’t cut. Oscar had me stop because he was afraid I’d break the thing, and then he was like, “let me feel your muscles,” and I held my arm out and he was like, “it’s so soft.” As in, I have no muscle.

I bought a bullet journal and some gel pens off of eBay. Which eBay keeps sending me the same notification over and over that my journal has shipped. It’s told me like 6 times now, I get the hint, and I don’t know how to get rid of it sending me the same notification. I don’t want to turn them off, but it is getting annoying. Anyways, I have some ideas for this journal already. I was actually inspired by Mia to get one. I’m actually really excited to get it and start writing in it. I want to get a little more creative this year, and I think creating my own planner is going to be a good start. I plan on using it as a way to keep track of my goals and my savings as well. I found a deal for like 60 gel colored pens for around $10 or something close, so I think I’m set for now. You can buy stencils even for it, but that may be something I invest down the road.

This is kind of my first step into starting my goals for this year. I don’t want to lose sight of what I really want to do, and making small steps is the only way to keep myself moving in the right direction. This weekend, while I’m off, I believe my mom and I are supposed to go through more of her boxes and hopefully my birth certificate shows up somewhere along the lines. If I don’t get it by the end of the month, I’m going to order it. I have to get my permit before Spring is even here. I just have to. I need my license by summer. Whatever winds up happening, this is a goal that has to be accomplished in the first half of this year, no matter what. It’s the only thing that will push me towards my other goals. I can work on a car afterwards. I’m honestly thinking I may try to get a laptop first. I’ve been seeing MacBooks even showing up in the Facebook marketplace for around $300-$400 and if I can luck into one, whether it’s older or not, it’d be a good starter. I just need something with at least 8GB of RAM. I can work on a better computer down the road, but I don’t want to go overboard with the spending until I’m able to make better money.

I may have splurged this month to get two things I really wanted, but the rest of my spending is going to be watched. That’s another thing I’m going to be monitoring in this bullet journal. Watching my monthly savings, and keeping track of where all of my money is going. I know this is one way for me to motivate to get less take-out, and to buy less beer. I drank so much this week, I really need to cut back on it as often. It’s bad that I can drink two beers that are 8% and only be a little tipsy. Or maybe I’m more drunk than I think, but I just don’t feel it. Because I’ve been drinking heavier beers, and my body is getting used to that. So I need to cut back some. I only really like buying mix packs anymore anyways. I prefer trying new stuff versus just any six pack. The Untapp’d app is like my perfect way of keeping track of all the new beers I try (I already have over 30 recorded). I think Southern Tier has become my favorite brewery. And I tried a really good IPA the other day. An IPA. I fucking liked an IPA. This is something that only develops after you’ve tried a lot of different beers.

OH! Last night there was a fire in the men’s bathroom at work. I was counting my drawers, and trying to get my manager to drop my money, when our dishwasher comes running out and he’s looking for him, too. Apparently a guest noticed the fire. So between my manager grabbing the fire extinguisher and running over to take care of it, I just was kind of standing around like… what do I do? Because he was the only person who could drop my money so I could leave. And I didn’t want to get in the middle because it’s a fucking fire, like that’s serious. I guess it was an electrical fire that started with the heater? Not entirely sure what happened. After that incident was over and my manager was back in the kitchen, I practically hunted him down so he could drop my money. And he goes, “I just saved your life, and all you care about is me dropping your money so you can go home.” And I’m like… I can’t help that I can’t drop the money myself. That wasn’t how I was trying to come off, it just so happened the fire started right when I was about to leave. I didn’t leave until 20 minutes after. But the fire was contained, and hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

Guess I should get ready for work again. I can’t wait for Saturday. At least the temperatures have risen. It’s now 32 degrees, and supposed to be in the high 50’s the next two days. That definitely beats the -18 degrees shit I had to walk in. People will be breaking out shorts soon at this rate.

9:46 AM

January Writing Challenge #10

8 thoughts on “Journal Entry (#15)”

  1. I love yoga. I’m from India and we do surya namaskar every morning during sunrise.. I find it really beneficial. I also have a planner that I’m going to use to be on track this year. I sincerely hope you will be able to curb splurging on unwanted things this year, I wish to do the same. Have a great year ahead!!

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  2. Aww, thanks for the shout-out! 😀 I hope you like the yoga mat and the workout!! I can’t wait to see your bullet journal (if you plan on sharing it…hehe). YES YES YES. You deserve so much to be a watiress, now is the time. Pester them!
    I am glad the fire wasn’t more serious. Oh well about him being mad that you wanted to go home! Lol. I would’ve been the same way! 😀

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    1. You’re welcome ☺️ I hope so, too! Just have to wait for it to get here. And I probably will wind up sharing some of it ☺️ I definitely know I’d make more money and now is definitely the time. Even just a couple nights a week!
      And ohh me too! And he was half joking I think lol. I just wanted to leave 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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