My Tinder Experiences Part 2

Last month, I made a post about some of my experiences using tinder (here). While writing that post, I realized that it was too much for one post, so I decided to break it up into a few parts. In part one, I talked about W and Nate mostly, the first two real guys I met off of the app. Does it sound bad if I turn around and say I met a lot of guys off of the app? Or at least talked to a lot? Majority never lead anywhere, or I’d get a date here and there and then that was it.

Picking up from last post, after the whole W and Nate fiasco that ended, I was in a funk. I tried PlentyOfFish out, but didn’t really like the setup for the app. I mentioned in a post about one of the guys I met off of there, super tall guy, in my best and worst dates (here). I’m 5’0″, and he was 6’5″. I talked to a few other guys off of the app, but it was short lived. I met another guy named Larry, but wasn’t really feeling it, and disappointed him when I told him I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I was in this real funk, I wanted something, didn’t want something serious, but yet kind of did. I just wanted to feel something, it’s what loneliness does to you. Eventually you just don’t care if it’s meaningful, you just seek good company.

I remember going on this date with this guy named Paul, we hung out and watched a movie in his tiny apartment. He picked me up when it was super cold and icy outside, and we pretty much cuddled the entire movie. But it was weird, like I would’ve been okay if he had pursued more, but he didn’t. And he stopped talking to me after. I gave up on it.

This is the real thing right here – I’d go on dates with these guys and feel like we had a great time. And then… they would disappear. No explanation, just fade. This is the problem with modern dating, and I can’t say much because there have been a few instances where I’ve just let things fade, too. I’m just as guilty.

Towards the end of this funk, I met a good friend of mine off of the app. Let’s call him Blake. Spring of 2016, I started talking to him off of Tinder, and almost two years later, we still talk often. As friends now. We did start off with the possibility of something happening, he was so nice! And we had a lot in common – he’s a gamer. And we just connected on how we feel about people and even now we still vent and talk to each other about things. He tells me about his girl problems now. He’s actually the one I bought my Wii U off of, he offered me this really good deal for it. We’ve met up a couple times, but just as friends. In the beginning I had thought about turning it into more, but then something else happened with someone else for me, and I really didn’t want to be involved in a distant relationship (lmao considering my current status). But at that time especially, I just wanted to stay local.

Shortly after meeting Blake, I had been talking to this guy I used to go to high school with. He was a grade below me, but we had once shared a Spanish class together. Every time he would message me on tinder it was mostly to talk about how we should get high together. I’d never been high before (and I’m going to have a post later on in the month about this). The idea to me was something I really had wanted to try – just to say I tried it. Hard drugs were (and are still) something I’d rather avoid, but getting high, there’s no addiction to it unless you smoke it everyday all the time. So I had this one day where I said, “fuck it,” and I went over to meet K (we’re calling him K), and I got high for the very first time. And he told me touch feels amazing when you’re high, and we wound up kissing and having sex. And at that time, it was the best I’d ever had, and I really think a lot of it had to deal with being so relaxed. K and I had a fling that lasted for a month or two, and then he moved to North Carolina after graduation for a job. It never would’ve gone anywhere, but it was fun while it lasted.

After K left, I went through another funk. Because for every good thing, I was always left alone in the end. My next memorable experience after him, was maybe a month or so later, and it wasn’t a good one. I’d been talking to this guy, Joe, and he’d been really flirty with me, and talked about taking me out to dinner, and we kept trying to find a time to hang out. Finally, we did find a day to hang out. He told me that he had been looking for his frisbee (I think) because we had a conversation about playing frisbee, but since he couldn’t find it, we just went to hang out at his apartment. Which at that time, I thought nothing of.

So we get to Joe’s apartment, and…. he throws on Netflix. I may have been naive, but I wasn’t stupid. So when he had his arm around me and started kissing me, I just went with it, because honestly? I went through a huge period of just not caring about things, I wanted to try to live in the moment, even if it was just meaningless sex with someone I hardly knew. So I hooked up with this guy, and he got a shower after and asked if I wanted to join him. I told him no. And then after, he had class or work to go to, something like that.

I guess I’m the type who is straightforward about what I want, that there’s a part of me that expects others to be like that, too. So I didn’t realize right away that I got played. Because he said he wanted to take me out on a real date. So this foolish part of me thought that I’d at least see him again.


This fucker played me to the hills. I asked him about meeting up again, and he would make up excuses. After awhile, he just stopped texting me as much, and then he ghosted me out. I was so perplexed because I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong. Because obviously, I did something wrong, right?

I texted him. Confronted him, I needed to know why he stopped talking to me.

He told me that if he hadn’t of acted the way he did, I wouldn’t have slept with him. It made me sick to my stomach.

How can a person be so cruel like that? To play women as a sport. I know these scenarios existed, but before this guy, I had never been in that sort of situation. I didn’t even mention the worst part. I found this guy on Facebook. He had a girlfriend. His relationship status was with this girl. And I should’ve messaged her to let her know what a fuckhead she was with. But I didn’t. I’m a coward in that sense.

I still hope his dick falls off, what a sick excuse for a human being.

I think this is a wrap up for this part. This may turn into a monthly series, I have so much to share. I went through quite a number of experiences, the more I’m looking back on. Some I’ve talked about here and there, so there may be another two parts. If anything, some of these memories make me realize that Ray is such an amazing guy compared to what I’ve been through.

January Writing Challenge #4

27 thoughts on “My Tinder Experiences Part 2”

    1. It really is honestly. People play so many games with each other, too, or ghost. It’s annoying. And there’s no harm in trying! Like I mentioned in one of these posts, the key is to not have any high expectations. It took me a couple years to find someone actually worthwhile on there. I went through a lot of duds lol, which is kind of what I’m expressing in these posts.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting 💜

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      1. Yes, sadly 😫
        Also, completely random! I’ve commented on a few of your posts and I think my comments disappeared because they’re not posted, they could be in your spam folder. If not, WordPress just doesn’t like me commenting on your blog half the time 🙈😅


      2. Weird! I didn’t know there was a spam folder on WP. I can’t find it if there is. I did check my spam e-mail and didn’t see any comments from you, either!
        I hate the glitches like that! 😦

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      3. I don’t know a way to check it off of your phone, but if you check on the computer there’s a comments section and then there’s a thing at the top that says “spam.” I’ve had a lot of non spam in that folder and it’s awful, I feel bad when I miss a comment lol. But if it’s not there then WordPress (at least the app) is hating me 😫

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      4. Awww! Try going to your blog, and at the end of your url type /wp-admin . From there, on your sidebar, find “comments.” At the top of your comments section under where it says “comments.” There should be an “all” a “pending” “approved” “spam” and “trash.” So you’d click on spam. I hope this helps! I wish I could show you lol. I don’t use the newer WordPress because it slows my computer badly. So I use the older dashboard which is the wp-admin page. It’s gray instead of blue!

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      5. Interesting! I didn’t know there was an older WP page! I’m on my phone right now but when I get on the computer later today, I’ll check! Thank you for explaining it to me:)💖 I hope I find your comments!

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      6. I probably wouldn’t have know if I hadn’t been using WordPress for years lol. I actually prefer the old format because my computer can’t handle the new one 😂 sadly. But yes definitely check it out and I hope you find them! (:

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      7. Oh MY GOSH! I did what you told me too and found a TON of your comments! like only TWO of the other comments in my spam were real comments from other people and the rest were really spam. WHY would they think you were spam?! I am so upset. After I approved them; they just disappeared so I’m going to go through all my posts’ comments so I can find the ones I haven’t responded to, okay?? Sorry if I miss any, I’ll try to find them all!! Thank you so much for talking me through how to do that!! ❤ You’re the best!

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      8. I’m so happy you found them! I figured they had to have gone to spam or WordPress was just deleting my comments which made me upset because I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t leaving you comments like I normally do! I may not comment on everything but I comment on majority of your posts lol. I have no idea why they thought I was spam but I’ve seen them do that a couple of times on mine, too. With people who have previously commented. I don’t get it. No worries if you can’t find them all! I’m just happy you found them 💜 hopefully that keeps me out of your spam in the future lol

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      9. WP is so weird sometimes. Lol thank you for taking the time to comment on my posts. ❤ It means a lot to me! I truly enjoy reading your comments so much. Yeah. I marked them all as non-spam so hopefully they’ll stop sending your comments there. 😛

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  1. Tinder is fun but a pain in the ass… Maybe I’m just picky or I keep swiping right on the wrong guys but I’m never actually attracted to anybody to even hang out with. We’ll change snapchat or instagram but that’s about it. Looking forward to more of your posts! 🙂

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    1. It really is haha. I’ve had my fair share of duds off the app, and most of them never went anywhere. And I’ve come across a few creeps off of there, too 😂 I guess this is my way of showing that not everyone is horrible, just some off that app. And you can find a good one when you’re not even trying (: thanks so much for stopping by!

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